Saturday, January 17, 2015

Las Vegas: Sin City, a World of Entertainment in One Place

The glamorous lights and magical shows draw people in like confections given to children. Getting caught up in the moment of a tempting array of excitement. There is no shortage of provocative entertainment and ghastly or sensational attire. Diversely rich in cultural experiences. Ah yes, something unique awaits for each individual person. The powerful resistance to temptation slowly losing its grip on visitors.

The sounds of people hurling their riches into the machines and the smell of stale cigarette smoke filling your lungs. Loud clinking sounds and bells ringing your ears while screams of winners come from every corner of the room. Some yelps of disappointment among the screams of joy.

Ghostly images of lost souls walking the halls of the most nostalgic buildings. Memoirs of past entertainers carefully framed upon the walls. Warped and positive memories of what has, is, or might have been. Decor slowly fading with its historical age.

Prestigious dance halls and glamorous clubs. The most pronounced reserved for the elite. Dining halls with the most tasteful cuisine or cocktail shrimp to satisfy your hunger. Hundreds of restaurants or fast food to choose from.

Drunkards roaming the streets. Some looking for a good time, others seeking trouble. An alcoholic prohibition would surely cause this industry to swell with debt. Happy hour is available twenty-four hours a day. A refreshment rarely empty. Waitresses scour the floor in search of tipsters to bring home a cash flow nearly enough for survival. Beggars reach out for your spare change as visitors parade past with dazzling costumes.

Vans and trucks floating down the strip with advertisements clearly geared towards the sexual desires of man. Women fill the vans with their nearly nude bodies and call out to fellow drivers. Enticing them with their flawless curves and sexy voices. Adult entertainment knows little boundary in sin city.

Lovely decor resembling the most beautiful scenes in France and Italy. Once inside, you feel as if you've entered a new culture without the riches for an airline ticket. Romantic Gondola rides with a loved one through an indoor canal. Peek up towards the ceiling to witness a breathtakingly replica of the daylight sky. The angelic sounds coming from the man on the gondola. While sounds of guests ring out in the air. Visitors gawking at the beautiful surroundings and snapping memorable photographs of the artistic designs around them.

Slumber in rooms on a low budget or high roller tab. Hundreds of hotels, towers, and luxurious resorts fill the streets of Vegas. Social classes mingling throughout the luxurious town. Sin city is not just for the most prestigious visitors. Though, you may cross paths with some of the most powerful and wealthy citizens of the nation.

Whether you are there to merely take in a show, play a few slots, or watch the millions of lights on the streets, there is something for everyone. Entertainment for children is also available. Museums, aquariums, games, and small theme park rides are available for the younger generations and more gentle crowds. Plenty of stores, wedding chapels, shops, and nature on nearly every corner.

Las Vegas is an interesting place to visit, but make sure that you watch your surroundings. Enjoy yourself and don’t go into debt while taking in the sites and the gaming tables!

*No compensation has been received for this post.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Have a birthday coming up? Sign up for birthday freebies!

Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!!

Why not spoil yourself on your birthday? Of course you should be spoiled on your special day so, why not sign up for what companies have to offer?

Please remember that not all locations participate, and birthday freebies can vary from those listed here, some may require an additional purchase. Most require you to register online and print out your birthday coupons and some offer a coupon just for signing up! Please feel free to post if you find any not listed here. Likewise if you see one that is no longer valid. Due to my location, I have no way of knowing whether or not a majority of these freebies are still available.

Freebies with ** in front of them are freebies that we have signed up and received.

Abbotts Frozen Custard~ Join the Abbott's Frozen Custard Fun Club to a get a free frozen custard on your birthday. (Unsure if this is still valid, cannot find the link online.)

Amy's Ice Cream~ Free ice cream for your birthday.

Applebees~ Free dessert and song.

Austin Grill~ Register online and get a free meal on your birthday.

Aveda Invati~ Free birthday goodies.

Bakers Square~ Free slice of pie on your birthday.

Bandidos~ Freebie on your birthday.

Bashas'~Free birthday cake for children 10 and under.

Baskin Robbins~ Join the Baskin Robbins club, receive free ice cream on your birthday.

Ben & Jerry's~ Register online and receive a free ice cream treat on your birthday.

Birthday Cakes 4 Free~Birthday Cakes 4 Free provides free birthday cakes to financially and socially disadvantaged kids and seniors in hopes this kindness will last a lifetime.

Black Angus Steakhouse~ Free steak dinner on your birthday when you join the BA Prime Club.

Blue Bell~ Members of the Blue Bell Country Club will receive a gift certificate for a free half gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream during the month of their birthday.

Bob's Big Boy~ Get a free treat on your birthday.

Bob Evans's~ Register for the children's birthday club for a free kids meal on their birthday.

Boise Idaho Pizza & Pasta Restaurant~ Free meal on your birthday

Boston Market~ Kids 12 and under can register for a free birthday meal.

Buffalo Wild Wings~ Free dessert to celebrate your birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings.

**Burger King~ BK kids club will send a coupon for a free kids meal on their birthday.

California Pizza Kitchen~ Sign up your child (10 and under) for CPKids and they will receive a free CPKids meal during the month of their birthday.

**Captain D's~ Kids and/or adults will receive a free meal on their birthday via email coupon when signing up for the club.

Caribou Coffee~ Register online, receive coupon for free coffee on your birthday.

Carrows's~ Join the Carrows E-Club to get a free dessert on your birthday.

Catalina Express~ Free ride on your birthday.

Cattlemenans~ Join the E-Club and get a free treat on your birthday.

Chili's Bar & Grill~ Register for free treat on your birthday. Purchase will be required.

Claim Jumper Restaurant~ Join the CJ E-Club and get a free treat on your birthday.

Cold Stone Creamery~ Register and receive coupon on your birthday for a free treat.

Country Buffet~ Register and receive a coupon on your birthday.

Dairy Queen~ Join the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club and get coupon for a free treat on your birthday.

Dave & Buster's~ Get a free $5 game card credit on your birthday.

Denny's~ Free Grand Slam on your birthday.

Dutch Bros. Coffee~ Free coffee on your birthday.

Famous Daves BBQ~ Coupon for freebie on your birthday.

Firehouse Subs~Free sub on your birthday

Fuddruckers~ Join the Fudds Club and get a free burger on your birthday.

Hard Rock Cafe~ Free dessert on your birthday.

Helzberg Diamonds~ Sign up for free email updates at Helzberg Diamonds and receive a coupon for free pearl earrings for your birthday.

Hometown Buffet~ Register and receive coupon on your birthday for a free meal.

**IHOP~ Participating locations will give a free meal on your birthday.

i love sprinkles~Free cupcake on your birthday.

Joe's Crab Shack~ Free treat on your birthday.

Kmart~ Free birthday bucks

Long John Silvers~ Register and receive coupon for free meal on your birthday.

Macaroni Grill~ Free treat on your birthday.

Marie Callender's~ Register for discount and treat on your birthday.

Memphis Barbecue~ Register for free ribs on your birthday.

On the Border~ Register for your birthday and receive free item coupon.

Outback Steakhouse~ Free dessert and a song on your birthday.

P.F. Changs~ Free dessert on your birthday.

Red Lobster~ Register for a free birthday surprise.

Red Robin~ Register for free birthday burger.

Rita's~Free birthday treat

Round Table~ Free personal pizza when you visit on your birthday.

Ruby Tuesday~ Register and receive a coupon for a freebie on your birthday.

Ryans~ Register and receive a coupon on your birthday.

Sephora~ Sign up as a Beauty Insider and get a free gift from Sephora on your birthday.

Shoney's~ Register your child for a free kids meal on their birthday.

**Sonic~ Register for free kids wacky pack meal on their birthday. Adults will receive a choice of tots, medium drink, or cream slush on your birthday.

Texas Roadhouse~ Register for free birthday treat.

TGIFriday's~ Register for free birthday surprise.

Tony Roma's~ Free dinner on your birthday.

ToysRus~Free birthday card with gift for children.

**Waffle House~ Coupon for free waffle on your birthday and a coupon for freebie upon sign up.

**Western Sizzlin~ Free buffet on your birthday. Walk in and show your I.D. (Not all locations participate. Our local facility is now out of business.)

**Zaxby's~ Coupon for free nibbler for your birthday. Receive free meal coupon with initial sign up.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Celebrating? Do NOT Drink and Drive!

Millions of individuals will be celebrating the New Year with cocktails and other alcoholic beverages on New Year's Eve. Many of the United States and other countries offer low cost or free designated driver programs. If a program is not available in your location, please seek assistance from a loved one who will be available if you decide to have a few celebratory drinks.
Thousands of fatal or serious accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Many victims are seriously injured or parish due to injuries sustained from the accident. These accidents are preventable. No one should lose a loved one or experience a life changing event due to an ignorant decision of the intoxicated driver.
If you cannot find a designated driver; the celebration should be conducted in a location that you plan to spend the night. Please don't put your life or other innocent lives at risk. DRUNK DRIVING IS NEVER OKAY. There is no excuse in getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.
On a more personal level, I know someone who drove while intoxicated. He killed three women over this choice. This man spent a few years in prison, currently on conditional house arrest, and has to live with what he has done for the rest of his life. I honestly don't know how this man didn't get as much time as he served. However, the courts say that he paid his dues. I couldn't imagine having to live the rest of my life knowing that I caused three innocent deaths due to an irrational decision to drink and drive.
This website provides information on drunk driving and statistics. The website also includes information on victim services.
Celebrate the New Year responsibly!

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Hall Of Fame" Music Video

     Do you enjoy listening to music? I am passionate about listening to music. Musical lyrics can sooth, boost, or even change your mood. I'll even listen to some songs multiple times in a row.
The music that I listen to depends on my mood at the time. Some songs can be extremely powerful and meaningful. I dedicate songs to my teens once in awhile. If I find something that I feel
strongly about for them, I'll share it.

     This is the latest song that I "dedicated" to my children. I love my children immensely and
want to see them succeed in life. I don't want anyone or anything getting in the way of them
reaching their dreams. If I can help it, I won't let that happen. I'll encourage, protect, and be supportive of my children until my last breath.

     I hope this works because, I've never tried to share a youtube video on here before.
If it doesn't work, I linked the video in the song title. Listen to the lyrics. This might
encourage you or someone you love as well!

"Hall Of Fame" - The Script

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Are you prepared for the winter?

          As the temperatures continue to drop around the nation, are you prepared for the winter weather that is coming upon us? I've been discussing this topic with my husband. I'm concerned more about the potential weather this year than previously. Possibly because, this region is due for a severe winter. We haven't endured a winter crisis here as of yet. Not since relocating, but we've heard stories. We have dealt with minimal ice and snow, but nothing that hindered us for a long period of time.
         We live down at the end of a two-mile country road. Lovely tree's surround the road all the way down. Our landlord is the closest neighbor within safe walking distance. He does have large equipment that could help us get out of our driveway if needed. He plowed for us when it snowed. Now, I do LOVE snow! I'm okay if it snows here, but I don't want an ice storm to hit. That is an entirely different story. We definitely need to order some more propane soon. We use it for heating. I have electric heaters, but if the power goes out...
         I've already picked up one 25 pound bag of ice melting salts, but would like to pick up a couple more. Some additional items that I'd like to stock up on, are:

Bottled Water
Additional blankets
Non-perishable foods that can be consumed with or w/o heating.
Baby wipes to freshen up in case of power outages (electric water heater)
And various other items.
         It wouldn't hurt to have these items on hand all through the year. We experience severe weather with tornadoes as well. It's much different than when we lived in California. I've been asked how I could handle living in a region where tornadoes are common. My reply was "You cannot see an earthquake coming, you can at least see, hear, or know that a tornado is coming." Still doesn't make it any less scary, but I'd rather know what is about to happen!
DON'T FORGET to check on your neighbors, disabled, and elderly!

You can visit for information on winter preparedness.
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