Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Hall Of Fame" Music Video

     Do you enjoy listening to music? I am passionate about listening to music. Musical lyrics can sooth, boost, or even change your mood. I'll even listen to some songs multiple times in a row.
The music that I listen to depends on my mood at the time. Some songs can be extremely powerful and meaningful. I dedicate songs to my teens once in awhile. If I find something that I feel
strongly about for them, I'll share it.

     This is the latest song that I "dedicated" to my children. I love my children immensely and
want to see them succeed in life. I don't want anyone or anything getting in the way of them
reaching their dreams. If I can help it, I won't let that happen. I'll encourage, protect, and be supportive of my children until my last breath.

     I hope this works because, I've never tried to share a youtube video on here before.
If it doesn't work, I linked the video in the song title. Listen to the lyrics. This might
encourage you or someone you love as well!

"Hall Of Fame" - The Script

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Are you prepared for the winter?

          As the temperatures continue to drop around the nation, are you prepared for the winter weather that is coming upon us? I've been discussing this topic with my husband. I'm concerned more about the potential weather this year than previously. Possibly because, this region is due for a severe winter. We haven't endured a winter crisis here as of yet. Not since relocating, but we've heard stories. We have dealt with minimal ice and snow, but nothing that hindered us for a long period of time.
         We live down at the end of a two-mile country road. Lovely tree's surround the road all the way down. Our landlord is the closest neighbor within safe walking distance. He does have large equipment that could help us get out of our driveway if needed. He plowed for us when it snowed. Now, I do LOVE snow! I'm okay if it snows here, but I don't want an ice storm to hit. That is an entirely different story. We definitely need to order some more propane soon. We use it for heating. I have electric heaters, but if the power goes out...
         I've already picked up one 25 pound bag of ice melting salts, but would like to pick up a couple more. Some additional items that I'd like to stock up on, are:

Bottled Water
Additional blankets
Non-perishable foods that can be consumed with or w/o heating.
Baby wipes to freshen up in case of power outages (electric water heater)
And various other items.
         It wouldn't hurt to have these items on hand all through the year. We experience severe weather with tornadoes as well. It's much different than when we lived in California. I've been asked how I could handle living in a region where tornadoes are common. My reply was "You cannot see an earthquake coming, you can at least see, hear, or know that a tornado is coming." Still doesn't make it any less scary, but I'd rather know what is about to happen!
DON'T FORGET to check on your neighbors, disabled, and elderly!

You can visit for information on winter preparedness.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Give the gift of hope this season

     I enjoy the autumn season, but with it comes cooler temperatures. There are millions of homeless and less fortunate individuals out there. They are struggling to stay warm, find a warm meal, and find shelter. Many of the larger cities offer shelters within a church or traditional homeless shelter. However, smaller communities lack enough resources to properly assist those in need. Food pantries may also be scarce or running low on supplies.

     I encourage you to go through your homes. Look for jackets that are no longer needed, extra blankets, warm clothing, hats, gloves, shoes, socks, anything to help warm someone in need. If there are no shelters or clothing pantries nearby, seek out those who are less fortunate. If you find a homeless person on the streets, offer a blanket and/or a few supplies. Visit a school and speak with the counselor about a potential family in need. Let them know what you have to offer. Social Services and DHS may know where to donate.

     Look through your own food cupboards or pantry. See if there is something, anything you could share with another family. No donation of food is too small to someone that is trying to figure out how to feed themselves or their children. I encourage you to give the gift of hope this season. I challenge you to make this part of a regular routine. While you are sitting in a heated room with a lovely meal on the table, another family may be freezing and severely hungry.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Free Beauty Events- Contest Link Included!

Free Beauty Events offers an array of fabulous current and upcoming events. What makes these events even more exciting? They are FREE! What woman doesn't like to be pampered every now and then?  Please remember that beauty does come from within. While you are still beautiful without enhancing your appearance, it is still nice to pamper yourself every now and then.


-Beauty Makeovers
-Product Demos
-Product Samples
-Gift With Purchase
-Spa Open House

Do you host or demonstrate FREE Beauty Events?? You can submit yours FREE!

Free Beauty Events Submission Policy:

•Currently, we only accept listings for the United States.
•Submitting an event in no way guarantees that it will be listed.
•Once your editorial submission has been received, no changes to the event information may be made. Please be sure to check your information for accuracy before submitting.
•We are interested in free makeovers, free demonstrations, free samples, spa openings and more.
•Please submit your events no less than 7 days before the event will occur. We post events up to one month prior to the event date.
•Event listings may take several days to appear after submission.
•By submitting an event you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.

I enjoy browsing various blogs, and I love what Free Beauty Events has to offer it's readers. If you have a chance, stop by and check out the Beauty Blog located on The Free Beauty Events website. Don't forget to find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more!

Don’t forget to check out the new contest! Be sure to also visit them on Facebook.

October Beauty Basket Giveaway features a basket full of beauty products and cosmetics worth over $150! The Contest runs from 10/1/2014 to 10/31/2014, winners will be chosen on 11/1/2014 and notified by 11/15/2014

After entering the monthly contest, check out the weekly blog contest!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Passed My Midterms!

The stress from preparing for my midterm exams is over. Now, I have a new goal. Pass the finals!! Why? I passed all of my midterm exams this week! What an amazing feeling it was to see the grades. Each time my exam was submitted, I would hold my breath and close my eyes. I'm pretty sure that my sigh of relief could be heard by others. I had a serious case of anxiety over these exams for the last couple weeks. The midterms and finals are the biggest percentage of our final grade.

Walking out of the classrooms, I had the biggest smile on my face. Have you seen the movie, "Pursuit of happiness"? Remember the part where he walks out of the building and throws his hands into the air as a celebratory gesture? I seriously felt like doing this very thing. It was the first of my college accomplishments. I did dance in my seat on the way home last night. Being at the college from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm was exhausting.

What's the verdict? My midterm exams netted me the following grades:

Biology Lab- A
Biology Lecture- B
Sociology- A
American History- A

We don't have a midterm exam in English Composition. I'm assuming that it is due to all of the essay assignments.

Thank you all for being with me on this journey! I'm 1/2 way to the end of my first semester!

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