Saturday, April 11, 2009

Amazing Time Today

My friends, I had an amazing day with my children and husband today that I just had to share. It's not everyday that you have nothing but, smiles and giggles! Please excuse this blog post but, I'm not worried about spelling and grammar tonight.

We began our morning by attending a community event in Cossar State Park, MS. They had an easter egg hunt for the children among other activities. My children found a few eggs and then we purchased some nacho's and drinks from the consession stand. We didn't stay for the games as we had other plans. I also purchased a raffle ticket for a giant easter basket, not a winner but, I helped support the event.

Once we left, we had to drop our nephew off at football practice and went home for my husband to quickly change his clothing. He dressed to the nine's this morning and looked fantastic! I love when my husband dresses up, it's not very often. Hubby's feet hurt and he wanted to put on some more casual clothing for our next activity.

Trying to hurry, we headed to our Pastor's home for another Easter event. I'm new with going to church again and I'm having less struggles with my faith since attending. I love this church, the pastor and his family are wonderful and make service fun in learning about my new journey. My children love attending Awana's and are learning a lot themselves! The members of this church are amazing, have you ever felt comfortable or loved when attending church? I feel this way, for the most part. I just wish we could attend more than once per week but, we live about 15 miles from church, it's not always easy to go.

We had a fantastic time! The kids went on an Easter egg hunt, games (The sack race was so funny!). They provided hot dogs, chips, drinks and yummy homemade cupcakes and cookies. With the candy all of the children received, it's a wonder they didn't have a sugar meltdown!! The children received cute prizes as well as candy, they had a good time.

We might not get to hide/find eggs for long tomorrow, rain is coming back in. I'm so glad that it was a beautiful day today, I even dressed my children in the easter clothes/shoes hubby and I had purchased for them.

I hope you all have a fabulous easter holiday! Thank you for letting me share ours with you.


Anonymous said...

Michele it sounded like you guys had a nice family day. That's what I miss. When the kids are grown up and living their own lives, you miss the Easter Egg hunts and finding the Easter baskets. It just seems like another day. Gald you guys had so much fun.


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