Friday, April 3, 2009

Create a Chart or Activity

Getting my children to complete daily chores IS a chore in itself! I have a 11 1/2 year old boy and a 7 1/2 year old girl. It's my fault and I admit it, I shouldn't have done everything for them through life and I should have got onto them more to help out around the house.

I was surfing the web a few days ago and came across this great website called 'DLTK's Printable Crafts For Kids' (You can find the link posted on my favorite websites). Thinking that I'd just find a few basic charts to print out, I was amazed that you were able to customize each chart to fit with your child's personality!

Customizing is simple and done in basic steps. You can choose a picture (or upload one from your computer), fonts, colors, borders, chores, and more. I chose a 'Dora' design for my daughter and a 'Scooby Doo' design for my son. Printing out 4 of each chore chart, I had high hopes of them working. I pulled down a package of stickers from the closet and set them down on the table near the charts.

When I woke up my kids for school, I showed them the charts and even handed them a customized "Award" for being the most loved child in the world. They looked excited but, I thought the excitement wouldn't last. I told my children that for 10-25 stickers earned, they would receive $2 and for 25 or more they would receive $5. I then sent them off to school.

Oh! Almost forgot, I also printed out bingo sheets from this website. You'll have to check it out, they have an amazing selection of activities to print out. Best of all? This website is FREE!! Free is great in our house, I know you love to save money as well.

Let's get back to the charts. 3:30pm came along and they came into the house, walked into the kitchen and looked at the charts I hung on the fridge. I didn't even have to ask, they got to work! We've had the chore charts up for 4 days now and they are earning stickers left and right for helping out. We had a discussion last night, we are going to change the "pay structure" on the chores they complete.

If you have children, I highly recommend this website. You might be amazed with the projects you can do as a family!


Anonymous said...

Miki, sounds like a great idea and sounds as if they have taken to the whole concept of charts! I really wish I had done the whole chart thing with my son when he was younger. He is 15 now and getting him to do anything is like pulling teeth!

Like you? I pretty much did everything for him when he was small as a way to show my love to him and that was not a good idea cause now I am stuck with a teen who acts as if it is a huge deal just to check the mail, clean his room and take out the trash. He does it but let me tell ya I have to frigging gripe about it and get does get $5 a week for doing these things but to him? He acts as if it is a hassle and feels he should be paid $25 a week!! I told him for $25 a week he has to do much more than these few things. lol.

Michele on April 4, 2009 at 11:34 PM said...

Hey Jenn! Thanks for the comment. I completely feel you on the chores. It's a pain. Today, my kids were scrambling to finish chores. My daughter earned her full $5 and my son only earned $2. He complained and I told him that in order for him to receive the full $5 he had to complete his chores, rules are rules. I didn't give in this time!

Good luck on your son, I hope by doing the charts they become more responsible.


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