Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earn money for taking surveys

I don't buy into the "Make $500 a week" or "Get paid $25-$150 per survey" hype. If it sounds too good to be true? It usually is. Here are a few survey and rewards sites that I am a member of, I wouldn't share them with you if I knew they were some sort of scam.

Please excuse the organization in this post, I'm having problems with linking websites right now. You will have to copy and paste links into a new window. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Swag bucks Sign up for an account and do searches. You win something called a “swag buck” here and there everyday and you save them up for gift cards or other items in the swag store. Very cool search engine/reward site as I’ve cashed out several times since joining.

Say Nation!- I just got paid not long ago from them $20 Amazon GC and it came quick, you earn points for surveys which you find most of them on the members area on the site. They might email surveys too, not sure yet. Once you earn enough points, you turn them in for gift certificates, money or other gifts. It’s similar to the one my son does. They also have one teens.

NFO is pretty good, just can have 1 account per household. You earn points for surveys and cashout for checks once you have enough points. I could get points for referring you but, I’ll just give you the link to sign up if you would rather not use my referral.

Esearch- Just joined recently, can’t tell you much about it right now.

I like this place, you get sent coupons for free food or products to try here and there. I have received coupons for a free can of biscuits and free can of pizza crust. However, I haven’t heard from them in a little while.

E-poll surveys are few but, I did test a DVD and do a survey for points so they do product testing sometimes and you use points for rewards. I also cashed in for $5 a Amazon certificate.
Not sure how long it takes to get paid when you cash out

Your2Cents I’ve been paid twice so far, checks come slow when you cashout but, they do come.

She speaks, I’ve done 2 product tests for them, you don’t get paid but, free products are great!

Netverdix surveys come slower but, its $1-$2 when they do come but, they will send you a check every month when you earn anything.

Lightspeed earn points for gift cards go here and ask how you can register

Keynote- I get amazon gift certificates when I do surveys. I buy Christmas and birthday presents with amazon gift cards I get, I LOVE amazon and if it wasn’t for earning the gift certificates, we would not be able to get some of the things we do.

ACOP Once in awhile you’ll get to test products, be sure to take every survey sent because, you’ll also be entered into check drawings and if they chose you from all the people who took surveys, you’ll be sent a check for a few dollars. I’ve been with them for years now.

GARB product tests and checks. Daughter has tested new panties and son has tested new socks. Each time they did the test, I got $10 for filling out the survey once finished testing.

Stanford College , you check the site often for studies. When you register you don’t have to be a student. I take surveys for $1-$8 in cash or amazon gift certificates. You might want to sign up for Paypal somehow though because, that is how they pay you in money. is really good. I’ve been with them for years. You click an email link in every email sent and you get 5 points if you don’t sign up for anything or you get the points listed for ordering, surveys or whatever it talks about. You then turn in the points after you save them up for gift cards. I have cashed out for so many and have a $10 Subway gift card on the way from them. I can either refer you with an email or you can join direct. I like this one, the site explains how it all works and it’s linked to mypoints.

Opinion place- You go to the site and try to qualify for surveys. I choose amazon for payment and usually get paid $3 amazon which they send within a week or two after taking the survey. I pick and choose which surveys I take for them. Some pay and some don't. Then, you also have a chance of a product test for taking a non-paid survey or even a chance to join a communispace program (Which, I haven't gotten into one yet but, they are great!). They send daily surveys by email but, check your account daily for more surveys, many paid surveys are in the account. If you don't wish to take the survey posted, just keep refreshing for new surveys to come up.



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