Sunday, April 5, 2009

On A Mission

I'm on a mission, a journey into the charitable world. Pondering the idea for awhile now, I've finally decided to plunge into it and "do" instead of "think" or "wonder" about it. The first step? I contacted the 'Mississippi secretary of state' yesterday evening and just awaiting a reply.

"Why"? You might ask, I plan to obtain an application to aquire a non-profit tax ID number. I don't want to handle cash, I would like to collect tangible items for organizations in need of them or just in need of a smile.

My first project will be simple, really. Maybe, it's not so simple! It means a great deal for me to do this. I wish to collect new coloring books and crayons and take them to St. Judes research hospital. The children and families in these hospitals are going through a great deal, it would be wonderful to see them smile, even if just for a moment. Why St. Jude's first? These children have always held a special place in my heart, even more after losing one of my children in 99.

What will I do if my application doesn't get accepted once I submit one? I'll find another way to complete this project, even if it takes me a year to save up coloring books and crayons to take in. It is a dream, I might not be able to reach my full goal but, I have to try.

With this post, I encourage you to please check out the buttons on the left toolbar on my blog. These are organizations in need of help, they could even help you if needed. Please remember those less fortunate or ill that need a little helping hand or a smile.

If you are like myself with a tight budget, there are still several ways you could help someone. Please consider this list below.

* Can you spare a few pennies or more? Stop by McDonald's and drop your spare change into the plastic box inside. This money goes towards funding for the Ronald McDonald homes.

* Drop off a bag of groceries at your local food pantry. Even a can of veggies will help.

* Donate clothing you no longer wear at the nearest homeless or women's shelter. We don't have a shelter here so I donate our children's clothing to their school. They provide a "Clothing Closet" for children in need. Don't have either of these available? Ask your local thrift shops if they donate proceeds and leave items with them.

* Donate a backpack with supplies for a child who cannot afford them.

* Slip a bag of needed items on the door knob of someone you know that is in need. They don't have to know it was you. A ROAK (Random act of kindness) might be just what someone needs to brighten their day.

* Help an elderly or disabled person with chores, shopping, book reading, etc.

I cannot stress enough the importance of helping someone in your community. Please help someone, you never know if this someone will be you one day.


I just received my reply today and it's going to be a lot to think about. I might have to re-plan my goals but, there are always ways you can help someone in need!


Proud Wife of a U.S. Soldier on April 7, 2009 at 11:05 AM said...

That's great you're doing this! Were you accepted?

I applaud you for taking this big step & helping others - I admire you for doing this.

Michele on April 8, 2009 at 2:22 PM said...

Thank you for the comment. Well, she mentioned all of the different things that I'd have to do and some of it seems very complicated. I'm thinking about doing this on my own. She mentioned that you would also have to pay for the application process as well.

One thing she mentioned is I could do this as a "Volunteer" but, if I receive large quantities, receive money even if I don't want cash, ask distributors or manufactures or if someone asks for a tax deduction and I don't have the ID#, I'll be in big trouble.

I'll give it some more thought, I still try to help when I can and really want to do the coloring books and crayons so I'll plan something out.


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