Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Ramblings

Standing in the kitchen hubby came over to me and I heard "Wow, One...Two....three..." ok, you get the point. He was counting the gray in my hair! Ok, I admit it *Big sighs* I am 31 years old and I have strands of gray hair. *sniff*
Hasn't anyone ever told a man not to point out a woman's flaws? I think hubby missed the memo on this one. BTW, did I mention that my husband has plenty of gray hair himself? *Lift's eyebrow* I think it's sexy for a man but, not for myself!

Of course being who I am with lower self esteem and highly obsessed with the fear of aging, I was a bit mortified. I knew they were coming through but, I sure didn't need it pointed out or counted for that matter! So, what did I do next? You guessed it, I ran to town and purchased 2 boxes of hair color (Dark brown) and engaged in a primping night, well sort of...I painted my fingernails, waxed my eyebrows and went to work on my hair.

Squeezing both bottles of hair dye until they were empty, I lathered my hair so thick with goop, anything that flew by me would have died of the fumes!

I've colored my hair since 16 years of age and as I get older, coloring my hair is becoming a chore since I have to do it so often. A little lazy, I haven't colored my hair in a couple months and it's not like I didn't notice the hair in the mirror...guess I should have purchased the hair color sooner but, I had excuses to why I couldn't purchase it at the time.

Anyhoo, coming out of the bathroom I told my husband "Now, try to find a gray hair" ok, not in those nice words, lol.

You know, I love the feeling and scent of freshly colored hair. It boosts my self esteem a tad and I love the conditioning treatment the box comes with. One of these days I am going to have it done at the salon! I'm now on a mission for yet, another new hair style. I change the style of my hair almost every time I have it cut now. Back in 2006, I chopped off all of my hair. My hair was past my behind and now it's to my shoulders. So much easier to care for and less headaches!!

What is the point to my ramblings? I don't really have one, lol. I just thought I'd post about my evening...maybe inspire another reader to pamper herself a bit.

Have a wonderful night!!



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