Monday, June 22, 2009

Clear Remedy Acne Skin Care Review- Day 1

Good morning friends! I planned on starting my routine yesterday, I really did! However, it was father's day and I was quite busy when company arrived for a little BBQ and decided to wait until today.

I applied the products about 30 minutes ago with ease. Before I get on to my 1st day review, please let me share a little more about myself.

Struggling with acne has been a battle I've dealt with all of my life, I never fathomed that I'd have to deal with it as an adult. Acne has hurt my self esteem more than it should have and has caused a great deal of scarring that I cannot erase. I know that I am judged with my appearance, they may not mention it directly to me but, I could feel and see it.

When I was contacted by Miss Jehan Hindo, at IQ Derma – Clear Remedy I was thrilled. Would this be a chance to clear up my acne problems? I hope so!

Let's get started! One con with this product is that you use it twice daily, I seem to forget easily and placed the products in plain view for a reminder. If you have problems remembering to use your products, try to place them in a spot that you look often.

Purifying Cleanser – This is the first step, pull tab off of the tip of your tube and use a dime sized drop of cleanser as stated on the bottle. Firstly, be sure to wet your face and palms for easy lathering. When I lathered the cleanser onto my face, it had a slight citrus scent which is much nicer than other acne products I have tried. The dime size drop of cleanser was generous, I was skeptical at first. The cleanser was easy to wash off. I had to use a dishtowel to pat my face dry.

Acne Treatment Lotion– This is the 2nd step. I couldn't place the scent...honestly, I didn't like the scent but, it wasn't overpowering and didn't last long. I used 2 pumps as stated on the bottle and it was plenty, I was able to rub it on my face generously.

Hydrating Lotion– This is the 3rd and final step of the cleaning process. I had to use about a nickel sized amount of lotion to lather into my face. There's that citrus scent again! It's so light that you might have to put your fingers to your nose to smell the lovely scent.

Acne Spot Treatment- This is an "Extra" step if you wish to use this product. I used a tiny drop on a few of my stubborn pimples and gently rubbed the treatment in. There was no scent that I could tell so it wasn't pleasant or unpleasant. Now, I have to be completely honest with you...if applied to broken skin, it will lightly sting the affected area but, the stinging will go away fairly quickly.

These products don't seem to heavy on my skin as many usually do and my skin is soft to the touch. I cannot give you "results" as this is only my first day but, I hope that I can give excellent progress with my next post about Clear Remedy! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm still having camera issues so I am unable to post pictures as of right now but, I am still working on the problem.


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