Monday, June 15, 2009

Few things about myself

While trying to think of a way to share more about myself with my readers, I decided to do a "swag bucks" search (You can find Swag bucks on my favorite websites). I ran into this survey and thought it was perfect! I have omitted the questions that don't apply to me and have added a few of my own.

I understand that survey's can be silly but, they could also be very informative and fun as well.

Feel free to ask me any questions that I haven't answered already!


Favorite animal(s)? Deer, Dogs, Squirrels..I actually love most animals
Favorite TV show? CSI, Criminal minds, House, House of Payne....and more
Favorite candy? See's milk chocolate with nuts or truffles, Anything with caramel and/or peanut butter
Favorite drink? Iced sweet tea, Sonic drinks
Favorite food? Salads, Pizza with garlic sauce, Chinese food, Mexican food
Favorite eye color? Deep blue, I have golden brown eyes myself.
Favorite hair color? Darker colors
Favorite height? My husband is 6'2" or 6' 3", I'm 5'4" so he is perfect
Favorite book? Twilight Saga series
Favorite song? Too many to list, I enjoy music
Favorite thing to do? Offline spend time with my family, especially at the lake.
Favorite clothing? Jeans and Tshirts, sweaters and some blouses
Favorite music genre? Most, I don't have just one favorite
Favorite website? Tooooo many to list but, some are posted on my toolbar
Favorite sport? Nascar and baseball
Favorite car? Hardtop Mustang from the 60's or a current Impala.
Favorite saying? Most likely, "Whatever" but, I have several
Favorite shoes? Sketchers
Favorite color? Purple, Black and green
Favorite dream? Winning the lotto!
Favorite time of day? Night
Favorite nickname? Miki
Favorite country? I'd love to visit Italy
Favorite vacation spot? The mountains or the beach
Favorite store?
Favorite kind of weather? Cool, slightly breezy. I prefer winter or spring.
Favorite thing about you? My eyes
Favorite Make-up? Mineral powders, Black eyeliner, Browns in eyeshadow and lipstick
Favorite restaurant? The hungry hunter and Mi Pueblos
Favorite Movie (s)? Sweet Home Alabama and Twilight
Favorite Scents? Any lovely scented candles, Juicy Couture perfume and many more


Least favorite animal(s)? Snakes! I am petrified of them.
Least favorite TV show? Star Trek
Least favorite candy? Black Liquorice
Least favorite drink? Most diet soda's, Beer
Least favorite food? Calamari, Onions and several others
Least favorite height? Mine! I wish I were taller
Least favorite book? Most, it's hard to hold my attention when reading
Least favorite clothing? Swimwear and tight fitted clothing, I don't have the body!
Least favorite website? Pornographic & Hate
Least favorite sport? I like to throw hoops but, I don't like watching basketball on television.
Least favorite dream? Nightmare's
Least favorite time of day? I am not a morning person, takes awhile to wake up
Least favorite kind of weather? Scorching hot and humid days
Least favorite thing about you? I can write a list, lol


What is your name? Michele
What is your age? 31
How many children do you have? I have one son who will be 12 in September and my daughter will be 8 on the 6th of July. I also have a daughter in heaven.
Are you obsessed with anything? Yes, I am obsessed with getting older as well as other personal issues.
What is one guilty pleasure of yours? Ranch or cheese dip and chips, I don't have them often or I would go crazy!
If you could live anywhere where would you want to live? By the ocean or in the mountains
What's the best gift you've ever received? My children
Do you believe in fate/destiny? Sometimes
Would you dye your hair? Absolutely, I already do.
What kind of person would you prefer not to be around? Constant negativity
Do you have any siblings? One brother & Sister, 5 step-siblings



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