Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fix It Or Forget It Tuesday's

I'm babysitting a toddler now and he is currently down for a nap and my children are playing a video game on the wii. I figured this is the perfect moment to share my "Fix it or Forget it" Tuesday with you.

Today's entry is quite simple which is perfect for my limited time frame. I love pizza in a box, my favorite brands are Jeno's or Totino's pizza's. I cannot explain why I love the pizza....maybe, I'm just an odd one!

Yesterday, we took advantage of the $1.29 1/2 gallon milk sale at Kroger and browsed the isles for a couple quick lunch fixes. My kids asked for the "Kroger 3 minute microwave pizza" in Cheeseburger flavor and I chose Combination (Pepperoni and sausage). I figured, 3 minutes? Not expecting the best and tasteful pizza, especially if made in the microwave.

Kroger 3 Minute Microwave Pizza comes in a 8oz box and one serving for around $1. No pans or dishes required to cook your pizza, just flip the box inside out and place into the microwave for 3 minutes.

Hmmmm, sounds fairly easy. I ripped the box open, turned over the gray microwave side of the box and placed it in the microwave. When the pizza was close to ending time, cheese and other ingredients started to melt off of the pizza onto the box. I used a spoon to place it back onto the pizza before cutting and serving.

Was it good? Not really, it was a bit tasteless in my opinion but, for $1 I couldn't really complain. My kids didn't care for it a whole lot either but, they did finish the pizza.

Would I say "Fix it?" or would I say "Forget it?" This is a tough one, I'm in the middle of my decision. I'm personally not going to purchase this pizza anymore but, I'm sure little ones might enjoy it and the pizza is really quick, cheap and simple to make.

I'll leave it up to my readers, my opinion is "Forget it" but, as I mentioned...other's may enjoy this product.



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