Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fix It Or Forget It Tuesday's

You'll have to forgive me...between my new babysitting gig with a toddler, my children, household duties, husband, etc. (And etc., lol) my online duties have been put on hold a little (lot) more. I didn't forget about my Fix it or Forget it Tuesday's post and have actually been thinking about it all day. To be honest, I'm at the point of exhaustion (serious lack of sleep lately) that I'm not even sure what to post today!

I have decided to take the easy way out tonight, this won't interest some but, might for others. Please bare with me, I'll try better next week!

Simple Homemade Strawberry or Blueberry pancake syrup

Sound good? My kids love it and this recipe is so simple that it only requires 2 ingredients! Your favorite type of berry and sugar, that's it! In a medium/large sized mixing bowl- Add the amount of berries that suit your families needs, use a potato masher and mash as well as you can while adding enough sugar or sweetener product to partially liquify the berries. Once consistency is acquired, use the fresh syrup over your famous homemade (or in my case...pancake mix from a box *sigh*) pancakes. Serve with fresh berries on top or the side for added fruit and texture.



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