Monday, June 1, 2009

A-Priori Mommy is giving away a nursing cover!

Are you nursing? Do you know a mother who is nursing or planning to nurse her baby? Head on over to The A-Priori Mommy's blog to enter this great giveaway for a nursing cover!

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To nurse in public, is a tricky thing. Some are afraid to even attempt it, others barely cover their breasts with the baby's head. I fall somewhere in between (like most nursing moms.) I like to nurse anywhere I please, while tastefully draped with a cover. Now for Aiden and I that has meant an off-brand nursing cover that has a hole the plops down over my head and covers me almost to my waist and of course my shoulder blades (since those are so riske.) The fabric was long enough to cover the boy during his early life, but in more recent days has proven not enough to encase him (not that he needs to be fully covered) and the part that does - he's bothered by because it rests on his face while nursing - so he'll do ANYTHING not to be under that cover. That's when Bebe au Lait came to the rescue!


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