Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clear Remedy Review Update on progress

As promised, I'm giving you an update on the progress of using Clear Remedy products. While I was ill, I had to take a break from using them but, I've been using the products for about a week now since resuming my skin care treatments.

I've noticed a little improvement with my skin which is fantastic because, it means the product is starting to work. A few areas have become slightly worse. However, my theory on this is something a doctor had mentioned to me once before. He told me that with most acne treatments, your acne may or may not get worse before it's better and everyone is different and not to discontinue use of the products unless damage, harsh irritation or allergic reactions happen. I would definitely consult your doctor or dermatologist if you have any concerns before using the products.

The sections that have become worse are around my chin but, they are lighter blemishes and not full blown pimples as of yet. I'm hoping that this treatment will prevent them from doing that.

I had a few spots that were terrible and by using the kit and the spot treatment, I've noticed quite an improvement!

I'd like to take another moment to CONGRATULATE the winner of my Clear Remedy giveaway and thank you all for helping me turn it into an amazing success for my very first giveaway.

Information about Clear Remedy below:


Clear Remedy attacks and fights acne at the source and is clinically proven to heal existing blemishes and to help prevent future breakouts.


Clear Remedy is effective as result of a 3-step system, which delivers a propriety combination of 13 functional ingredients to the skin.


Step 1:Unclog Pores with the Purifying Cleanser that contains Multifruit BSC which helps exfoliate and clear away dead cells, surface oils, debris and other pore cloggers.

Step 2:Kill Bacteria with the Acne Treatment Lotion that provides oxygenating agents that prevents acne bacteria to grow.

Step 3:Hydrate & Clarify with the Hydrating Lotion that delivers an Advanced Moisture Complex to boost skin's hydration level.

Here are the products that I will be trying along with brief descriptions about them. I'll post again tomorrow once I have started my routine.

Purifying Cleanser – As the first step in the system, this cleanser uses Multifruit BSC, a select blend of fruit extracts to gently exfoliate skin and help clear away dead cells and surface oils that clog pores.

Acne Treatment Lotion– The second step in the system is the standout product where all critical acne-fighting action takes place. The lotion uses salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the skin while the multi-patented retinoid complex, Prevenol-A normalizes oil production, decreases acne bacterium, and prevents breakouts.

Hydrating Lotion– Unlike most acne products, Clear Remedy won't dry out troubled skin. The Advanced Moisture Complex boosts skin's hydration level while ClariPlex Technology calms redness and helps fade post-blemish discoloration and scarring.

Acne Spot Treatment-For a targeted quick-fix, the Spot Treatment uses concentrated Benzoyl Peroxide and fruit acids to zero in on blemishes to accelerate healing.


**Acne Reduction**
100% Saw a reduction in breakouts
100% Reported a reduction in blackheads & pimples
91% Reported clear skin with no active acne
87% Saw clearer skin in just 3 days - and 100% saw results within a week

**Overall Appearance Of Skin**
100% Saw an improvement in skin clarity
100% Felt their skin appeared less oily & less shiny
96% Noticed a reduction in pore size
96% Felt Clear Remedy helped reduce the appearance of dryness

**Skin Comfort**
100% Felt Clear Remedy soothed and moisturized their skin
100% Reported reduction in skin discomfort

**Clear Remedy Even Beat Proactiv! Solution**
83% Said Clear Remedy wasn't as drying
75% Said Clear Remedy got rid of redness and inflammation faster

~*96% Rated the system "Excellent" and would recommend to a friend.*~

********INDIVIDUAL RESULTS may vary, users reported significant improvement in the appearance of their skin after 2 to 4 weeks. **********


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