Friday, August 14, 2009

I'd like to share something with you

As I sit here periodically through the day on Wish Upon A Hero reading wishes and helping where and when I can, I found a wish that I wanted to share with all of you. I have been given permission to distribute this wish to others and I'd love if you would take the time to read it as this wish has a great deal of meaning to it and is ever so beautiful. This wisher didn't ask for anything other than to share this story with others.

An old feeble woman was hobbling down a dirt road when she spotted a beautiful sparkling stone in the grass. She picked it up, realizing it could save her from a life of poverty, she put it in her pouch and went on her way. A beggar was coming along down the road headed in the opposite direction when he approached the old woman. He asked her if she had any food to offer him because he hadn't eaten for 3 days and was very hungry. Having only enough bread for one meal for herself, the old woman reached in her pouch and gave all her bread crusts to the beggar. With her pouch open, the beggar sees the stone and knows it is priceless so he asks the old woman for it and she gladly gives it to him. The next day the old woman was hobbling along down the same road when she comes up on the beggar again. He hands the stone to the old woman, insists she take it but he wants something in return. She asks him what could she possibly have that he would want in place of that very valuable stone, and he answers "I want what it is you have inside you that made you give me the stone in the first place."

You can find this wish HERE until it is taken down.

Please take a moment and help someone in your community or search around Wish Upon A Hero for someone you might be able to help. Donating could be your unwanted coke points, a $1 or 2, clothing for a child or family, prayers, etc. Sometimes, even your encouraging words could mean a lot to someone in need.

Thank you for reading.



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