Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life goes by too quickly...

Amazing how things change in life as years go by. This post was inspired by my sister who posted a thread on a forum about this very thing. However, unfortunately we are not on speaking terms so I didn't reply to her thread.

Things I miss:

1. I miss going camping with my family (Mother, brother, sister), the long weeks eating only hot dogs and chili because, we couldn't afford anything else but, just wanted to get away and have a good time. Bathing in the lake, sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags or under blankets, fishing in the lake and rarely catching anything but, having a good time doing it...

2. I miss my brother's humorous personality and driving down the street or walking into a store when he changed his persona to another being. It was so much fun and easy to get into, we've shared many laughs and he always knew how to brighten my day. We'd also sit on the porch and goof off, I'm sure the neighborhood thought we were on something, lol but, we were just having a good time.

3. I miss my nieces and nephews. You never get a chance to spend enough time with them when you move away.

4. I miss my beautiful hair WITHOUT the gray!! Ok, so I've dyed my hair since I was 16 and have to dye it more now. *sigh*

5. I miss being thin and cute!

6. I miss friends, you know the real friends...the ones you could be yourself, act goofy, etc. and just have a good time because, they were acting the same way right along with you because, they were TRUE friends...not people who pretended to be your friend and then betrayed you. Now, I have a difficult time trusting others and haven't found anyone that I'd really trust enough to be a good/true friend.

7. I miss being younger, here I am going to be 32 in October and I realize how much of my life has passed and how little life I have left. The people you lose, the people you will lose. Though, you do gain others through the years as well.

8. I miss camping at the ocean with my children and husband, the peaceful sound of the waves, the soft and hot sand, colorful seashells, the cool breeze whispering to your face.

9. I miss my daughter Kayla, her heavenly birthday is the 10th of this month.

There is so much that I miss in my life, what do you miss?


Anonymous said...

I miss my parents. I miss being younger and all of us (2 brothers, 2 sisters) all growing up together with our dog (josh) and our cat (romeo). I miss playing kick the can and Mother May I, and Red Light Green Light.

I miss my own children being young and playing outside with them, taking them camping, fishing, to DC. I miss life before my breast cancer, although you wouldn't think it's that much different, it really is.
Thanks for this post Michele, great subject!


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