Friday, August 7, 2009

Notice to all readers and visitors

Unfortunately, I feel the need to express a few things to my readers today with the rash of discussions going around about "Blog Cheating" and opinions about "sweepers". Some may agree with me and some may not and that's ok! We all have a voice and each of our opinions do matter so I don't mind you sharing yours as long as it's not vulgar or extremely offensive to the point of attacking others. I do hope that you will take the time to read this important post.

Let me start by saying THANK YOU to those who visit my blog and/or enter my giveaways, I appreciate you all very much and if it weren't for you, I'd have no blog of giveaways to offer. I'm not a professional blogger, mine is mainly a new and fun hobby for myself. As you could see, I'm newer to the blogging world and find it a fantastic outlet to share things with others.

I welcome everyone to my blog! I don't mind whether you are a "mommy blogger", "daddy blogger", "sweeper", or just the lady/man next door. I also welcome people of all nationalities, race, religion, etc. NO ONE is left out here at 'Little bit of this and that' and it's going to stay this way.

As many know, I am both a "Sweeper" and blogger. If it weren't for sweeping, I would have never discovered the wonderful world of blogging that I enjoy now. Honestly, what does it matter where your traffic comes from, especially if you list your giveaways on a sweepstakes network? A little hypocritical, isn't it? Besides, I have found several wonderful blogs that I now follow due to a past giveaway they had held or a "sweeper" who started their own blog. This is what blogging is all about, encouraging people to follow your blog and establish relationships with other blogs out there? How do you expect to be found on the internet without this extra traffic?

Not all "sweepers" are professional and greedy individuals. I have conversed and met with some wonderful people who explore sweeping as an additional, interesting hobby and many of us have become a blogger when this blogging world evolved into giveaways. Most "sweepers" are also consumers and your sponsors WANT to drive new customers to their business.

Furthermore, I Michele @ Little bit of this and that, will NEVER rent, sell or share your information with ANYONE other than the sponsor issuing a prize. I haven't a need to expose your personal and private information with others and I certainly hope other blogger's don't share mine.

I also do not feel there is a need to share your full name in a comment entry on my giveaways, this information is only needed if there is a chance you should win and will be collected in private.

My winners are chosen by random ONLY. I'm asking those that enter my giveaways not to email and try to bribe me to win. The consequence of doing so will result in being disqualified from my giveaway and your comment deleted from the entries. I do not and will not tolerate cheating of any kind on my blog. Being a friend, family member, etc. will not gain you more entries, I chose my winners fairly and this will not change.

Please do not let the negative complaints and conversations about "blog giveaways" discourage you from visiting a blog and entering a giveaway, at least not here because, you are always welcome!


Jo on August 7, 2009 at 5:02 PM said...

Well said. I am new to blogging as well and I wouldn't have started mine without first stumbling onto one because of a give way. I can only hope that those considered bad bloggers take notice of the bad publicity they are getting and change their ways.

dawns41 on August 9, 2009 at 3:23 PM said...

Hi Miki, its me, dawns41.

Great comments, I love this. You are very welcoming to everyone. Thanks! I dont blog myself but I do like to read blogs and sweep.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog, I check it often. I agree with everything you just posted. Have you seriously gotten emails bribing you? That is unbelievable!! I haven't come across that yet. lol Anyhow just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.

Michele on August 24, 2009 at 10:49 PM said...

Thank you all for the comments and kind words. I haven't personally received any emails such as this but, it's been discussed on the internet and in some blogs so I wanted to make sure that I shared my opinions on the topics discussed.

Thank you for visiting, you are welcome here anytime! I love having readers and friends. I might not respond as I should but, I'm trying to get better at it!


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