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Raw Minerals - Raw Natural Beauty Review

Having serious facial imperfections, I am always on the prowl for beauty products that will help conceal some of my acne scars. Can anyone relate? I'm sure that several of you can! Here I am, 32 years old and still dealing with acne and skin problems. It's very difficult to find a product that I enjoy using and works.

Recently, a team member from Raw Natural Beauty contacted me with an incredible offer to review their Raw Minerals discovery kit. Of course I accepted with hopes that this product would boost my self esteem and cover my scars and blemishes. Yes, I was skeptical at first but, as I mentioned above, I enjoy looking for new products.

I have been given an amazing opportunity and would like to share my review with you. During the past week, I have used these products and I strongly admit, I am impressed!

Let's begin with the contents of my package:

I received the Medium Duo kit $180.00.

Which includes the following:
*Mineral Glow $25.00
*Active Veil $25.00
*2 Active Mineral Foundation's$30.00
*Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush$35.00
*Concealer Brush$20.00
*Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush$15.00
*"How to" DVD

All items arrived undamaged and neatly packaged. The only disappointment is that the kit does not include the Andiroba Botanical Face Primer which is like a moisturizer applied before the make-up.

A hydrating, protective skin primer designed to create a perfect canvas for flawless makeup application. Active botanicals help to reduce pore size and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while imparting a naturally healthy radiance. The weightless texture and cooling touch feel wonderful on the skin.

I love this kit! I wanted to give myself time reviewing the product before sharing it with others. This picture is a terrible picture of myself, my digital camera is on the "fritz" again so I used a cell phone camera and I have been ill for three weeks now. Either way, it shows that most of my imperfections have been covered up with this product. Though, it's not a good picture due to my illness and camera, I wanted to give some sort of proof with how well it does work and not just pictures posted of models so please look over the quality of my portrait at this time as it was also taken in the bathroom, lol. No one was home and I wanted to snap the picture during the freshest part of the application. As you can see, this picture has not been doctored in any way.

The mineral foundation was very simple to apply. I used the darker 2 Active Mineral Foundation of the duo for concealing with the brush first and used a small amount on the Concealer Brush for each blemish. Then, I tapped a small amount into the lid and rolled the Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush in the powder, tapped gently on the side of the lid and brushed the foundation into my skin. I did the same thing with the lighter color of the duo, nix the concealer brush. You could actually see the difference and it wasn't a minor change, it was huge! This product was actually covering up my blemishes! I was already feeling giddy about the make-up.

Moving on...
I then tapped a very small amount of the Mineral Glow powder into the lid, swirled the Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush around the lid and gently tapped the brush on the lid. I lightly brushed the mineral glow around the key points of my face that the light shines on. (nose, cheeks, forehead, etc.) It was so light (my preference) that it didn't look too dark, in fact it was a perfect shade.

Again, moving on...

Again, using the Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush, I moved onto the Active Veil. What I love about this powder is that you could use as much or as little as you want. I actually like using more. I tapped the powder into the lid and swirled the brush around, tapping the brush onto the side of the lid. Brushed the powder over my skin and repeated the process while blending the edges of my face for a more blended look.

I have to express my love for the brushes! The bristles are amazingly soft and gentle on your skin. I kept rubbing my fingers over the bristles (make sure your hands are clean!) and compared them to the other mineral brushes that I had in my make-up bag. They don't even come close. I've used 3 different companies now for minerals and this happens to be a new favorite of mine.

I'd love to share some information from the website with you.


Raw Natural Beauty has generously offered a fantastic discount code for my readers to use if they would like to purchase this kit.

Receive 50% off! This Raw Minerals discovery kit retails for $180. Click on the following link and use discount code: DISCOVERY50 at checkout to receive your kit for $90 plus, FREE SHIPPING.


I have not and will not be paid for this review. This company sent a product sample for my evaluation and honest review. This review contains our own personal and honest opinions about the product involved. I hold no responsibility between you and the sponsor and/or products that you purchase.


Loretta on November 2, 2009 at 11:05 PM said...

Your picture is actually very lovely. I am interested in trying this product so thanks for the code and review!


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