Friday, October 16, 2009

School report cards are in! Picture of reward

We all know the struggles in this economy and the strong urge to push our children to succeed in school for a successful future. I am one of those mothers...

I want my children to achieve good grades and go on to college, hopefully with a scholarship. You have to be careful with just how hard you push your children or it can backfire on you one day.

My husband didn't graduate high school, he attended trade school for his "trucking" diploma. He kicks himself everyday for not finishing and wants to return and earn his GED and work his way up for a better future for his family. I graduated high school but, barely. I was one of those kids who hung out with the wrong crowds, goofed off in school and it took until my senior year in high school to realize "What are you doing?!". I entered independent studies and worked especially hard to graduate on time and I did it. Several family members would tell me that I'd never make it but, I did. Later, I attended college off and on and completed enough childhood development units to become a preschool teacher. I already worked with children and at the time, this was my calling. I am ready to return to college with a new major in mind and hopefully I can return one day in the near future.

I watched my mother struggle as a single parent working and attending school. We had a hard life financially but, we knew how to make the best of it. Now, here we are in the same position and it's time (past time!) to do something to make a better life for us. My husband will be signing up for classes to achieve his GED and I will be enrolling in college for online courses temporarily until I can attend regular classes.

We don't want this type of life for our children so yes, we encourage them in school and reward them for a job well done.

My son is 12 years old, he is now in Jr. high! Before moving to Mississippi from California in 2006, he struggled in school. He managed to receive honor roll a few times in California but, I strongly believe that one of the problems were overfilled classrooms and not enough time for "one on one" teaching. He is now attending one of the best schools in a few counties and has made honor roll several times! We are very proud of his accomplishments. My son is also in band playing the Tenor Saxophone which is generously provided on loan from the school and joined the Boy Scouts of America this year. He has enjoyed every moment of it and attended his first weekend camp last week, he had a blast! I'd like to share his grades from yesterday's report card with you. He normally maintains A/B grades but, he did receive a 'C' on this report card. Regardless, we are still very proud of him and he will be bringing up that 'C' and paying more attention in that class. All we ask of them is to do their best!

Social Studies 90% A
Band- Tenor Saxophone 100% A
Math 91% A
Science 94% A
Reading 76% C
Language Arts 81% B

As you can see, he still did quite well this quarter!

My daughter is 8 and in the 3rd grade. She had attended preschool in California and began her elementary schooling here in Mississippi. My daughter has maintained honor roll status throughout school with the exception of this quarter. She too received a 'C' in one of her classes. Her teacher mentioned that she could receive a much higher grade if she studied and paid more attention because, the tests are word for word from the book. My daughter joined the Girl scouts of America this year and has really enjoyed it. My only complaint is how often the Girl Scouts meet, they only meet once per month. I questioned this with the leader and she said she would like to hold 2 meetings per month. Her leader seriously needs a couple more leaders in there because, I'm don't hold girl scouts for over 40 girls in different class ranks in the same meeting alone. I'm surprised that they put all of this on her. Anyways, sorry to go off on a mini rant. Here are the grades that my daughter has received this quarter, we are very proud of her as well!

Social studies 100% A
Reading 80% B
Math 86% B
Language Arts 82% B
Science 76% C

After leaving the school's open house to pick up report cards, I took them to a local (Very small, local diner) for a pizza and soft drink to go. As I mentioned above, I try to reward them for good grades and normally I'll buy them an ice cream but, this time we had dinner!

(1) Hunt's brothers Pizza with several toppings (All meats, olives, bell peppers, banana peppers)
(1) 2 liter Dr.Pepper

Both for a total of $12.29, not bad considering pizza prices today and this pizza is delicious!! Would you like to see a picture of my children's reward? mmmmm, I could go for another slice right now but, unfortunately it's all gone! 8 Slices of pure taste bud heaven. My husband was out of town working so we didn't order an extra like we normally have to so no leftovers this time. *Sniff*

Please encourage your children to succeed in school, they deserve a beautiful future and you can help provide this. It doesn't cost anything except for love, encouragement, patience, etc. Reward them when they do well, it could be an ice cream or candy bar, even a cheap (tasty!!) pizza like above. I know finances are tight but, if you save up just a little bit when report cards are coming, you could see the smiles on your children's faces too! Watching their glowing and smiling faces (or when my son yelled "YES!", lol) when I told them that we were picking up pizza and coke is worth every penny. Still unable to save for a reward? How about a trip to the park for a few hours and a picnic? They would love that as well.

Above all, let your children know how proud you are of them, not just during report cards but, ALL the time. They need to know how much they are loved and valued.



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