Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

When the alarm went off at 6:00 am this morning, I rolled over and grumbled before getting up to shut the annoyance off. Then, I remembered it was suppose to be snowing this morning so I ran to the front door to peek out and found the beautiful white flakes falling to the ground. Snow is a special treat here because, it normally only happens once per year and doesn't last very long before melting.

I woke up my children and had them get ready for school while we watched the news for school closures and the school they attend just happened to flash across the screen. Odd thing is, it didn't snow much and is now starting to melt. However, the temperatures are expected to plummet and the wind chills will dip down into the -5 to -15 degree weather. Something we are definitely not use to!

Since beginning my new temporary job, I have neglected my blog and of course housework so when I found out that we weren't going to open today, I went back to sleep for a couple hours (woohoo, SLEEP!!) and started picking up the living room and kitchen. Can you believe that I hadn't even taken my Christmas tree down yet? Yes, I've been THAT busy! So, along with doing basic chores, I also took down the tree and put on a load of laundry.

Now, I am sitting here relaxing on the couch and trying to get caught up on online while keeping us warm. My children are enjoying the day off from school, my son is in his room listening to Cd's and my daughter is playing a video game. If I could only shake this headache and severe toothache I'd be so much happier with my relaxing day off.

If you are in an area being hit with harsh and bitterly cold weather, please stay warm and if you don't have heat, please seek some assistance as many areas are working with families to prevent loss of life during this cold winter blast. Don't chance endangering your family or yourselves! I'd also like to remind everyone to please check in on your neighbors, family and friends along with making sure your pets are safe/warm.

Be careful out there, the cold air is brutal and the frozen ice is dangerous.



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