Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crisis Pregnancy Centers & Donating

I like to think that I have raised my children to be passionate about helping others in need, especially when it involves other children. Teaching them while young that no matter what your financial circumstances are, there are families out there who need a hand up in life and this will hopefully stick with them for years to come.

This evening while enjoying a slice of pizza they had earned in church, their Awana leaders brought out a collection of baby bottles with adorable designs on them. The leaders encouraged each child to take a bottle home and collect change no matter how much, even if just a few pennies. Each one of my two children asked for a bottle and I too asked for one, we have a total of 3 baby bottles to fill up with change. The deadline is the end of January.

Why is the church collecting change? January 17th, is "Sanctity of Human Life" day and they are raising funds to donate to a "Save-a-life" center in our county which provides assistance to mothers in need of maternity clothing, baby necessities such as formula & clothing as well as various other maternal/infant needs.

As soon as we came home I noticed the sound of change clinking and I came in to find my children adding all of the change they have been saving to the bottles. I am incredibly proud of them! They are donating every single penny, dime, nickel and quarter to the charity. My heart is filled with so much joy knowing that my children are willing to give up a future shopping trip to help a mother and her child. I added all of my change to my bottle also. So far, we have filled a bottle completely full and the two other bottles are 1/2 way filled. We will continue filling the bottles and take them in on Sunday and start over again.

If you should happen to have a center in your area, please check to see if they need any donations. You could donate funds, gently used clothing (Maternity & infant), gently used nursery furniture, baby formula, etc. While living in California, the center in that area was called "Crisis pregnancy center" and they helped me when I was pregnant with my first born. The center provided me with a week's worth of maternity clothing, a box of infant clothing and counseling services to help with any questions on parenting I might have. We had planned our son but, we did need a hand up at the time with a few necessities and this place was a real blessing. I had donated items back several times through the years to show my gratitude.

Many of these mothers have considered abortion or giving their children up for adoption. These centers help the mothers through this time in their life and a majority of those who visit the centers make the decision to have their child. Other mothers already know that they want to be a mother and just need a little help. Please remember them the next time you choose to donate to a worthy cause.



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