Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just an ordinary wife & mother

I am just an ordinary 32 year old wife and mother comparable to several others out there who struggles to create a decent life for her family. I've been through my share of triumph's and obstacles, made plenty of mistakes and have tried to learn from them. Generally, I strive to find the positive in most situations.

I could say that my marriage is the finest of all marriages on earth but, that would be a lie. Truth is that I love my husband but, there are struggles in all marriages and you must both work as a team for a marriage to succeed. We've been married 13 years this past January and have overcome a few life changing problems in those 13 years. A loss of a child, two separations where one lead to a near divorce, and other personal and private endeavors.

I am most proud to share that through those obstacles in our marriage, we have made it through them and our marriage has become stronger than it has ever been! We're learning to find time for ourselves, new hobbies, and enhance our intimate life. It's been an amazing roller coaster ride but, I wouldn't trade him for anyone else.

Our son, who is verging on becoming a teenager (will be 13 in September!) has given us our share of parenting struggles. It's a wonder that my hair has any color left to it and not totally gray! (lol) Being a parent is tough, being a parent of a teenager? That's a whole new ballgame that we're working and learning day by day. His behavior is completely different at home than at school or other places.

I'd like to share some of his accomplishments because, being a parent is one of my greatest joys in life! I wouldn't trade parenting for the world.

My son has expressed interest in new things this year. Girls, Band, Four wheeling, Horseback riding, Boy Scouts, and did I mention girls? He achieves good grades, mostly A's & B's and has excellent behavior in school. My son also assists children in his classes who have special needs whom he calls his friends.

I'm very grateful that we have taught Larry Jr. to treat others at school the way he wishes to be treated and he has been bullied and is very sensitive so he knows what it's like to be treated differently. I have been complimented by parents and teachers through the years. We also encourage him because, school and extra curricular activities are important and we want to see him succeed. He is in Jr. high and already has his college picked out!

Our daughter who is 8 has a whole different persona than our son. She has changed quite a bit through the years and continues to change each day. She worries me though...she has asked me how to lose weight. Yes, lose weight! An 8 year old should not be worried about these types of things. I asked her why she wanted to lose weight and her response? She lifted up her leg and patted her inner thighs. It frightens me that a child of her age is already worried about losing weight. We tell her everyday how beautiful she is and even though she will tell you that she is, Chloe looks for assurance and compliments. This could be my fault though, I have many insecurities in my own self that she may be picking them up?

Chloe has expressed interest in Girl Scouts (Though, she isn't happy with them at this time), Horseback riding, clothing/shoes, hair pretties, singing, and much more. She also achieves good grades. She does have an issue about worrying about what others are doing instead of herself. I've received a note from her teacher about that, lol. Chloe too has her college chosen! Of course, my son and her will be rivals since they chose different colleges that do compete with one another, lol.

They both enjoy attending the church AWANA program and Larry Jr. was recently saved and baptised! We never pushed religion on our kids and always wanted them to make their own decisions about religion. My husband and I have had both good and bad experiences with organized religion and there have also been periods in our life where we've struggled with our faith.

A little over a year ago we attended a Halloween festival at the church and my children enjoyed that so much they wanted to attend the kids programs during Sunday evenings. We've been going ever since! Now, we don't go every single Sunday and my husband has only attended a handful of times but, we do love this church.

I'd like to share that I too was recently saved and will be baptised soon. The church we attend has shown acceptance and love with our family, I've never felt that in a church. I still struggle with issues in faith and I'm still doing a lot of soul searching, my preacher is helping me through this. I also don't agree with some things but, that's ok! I am still growing and learning. Since becoming saved, my spirits seem to boost every time I attend church now. I cannot explain these new feelings I have. I also want to make a point to mention that I respect ALL religions and non-religions as I hope they would respect mine. I don't judge anyone. Besides, it's not my place to judge.

If you are ever in the Panola County, MS. area and would like to attend services, Liberty Hill Baptist church will make you feel right at home!

I've mentioned my husband and children so what about myself? I'm certainly not without flaws. I struggle with insecurities, obsess about aging, trust issues, lack in giving myself credit on things, worry over EVERYTHING (working on this!) and have done plenty of things in my life that I'm not proud of.

I don't live in denial, I'm not the perfect mother, wife or person in general and I don't wish to be perfect. I'd really love to flush the toxic thoughts and people from my life but, I care about people too much so this is difficult for me to do.

I've been searching out new hobbies and I love anything to do with nature and enjoy blogging. Blogging is an outlet for me, I've been able to express myself through words and hope to continue building a successful blog with time. I'd like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to my sponsors, mentors, & readers! I couldn't have made it this far without your support. I love expressing myself, especially through words and I thank you for accepting me for who I am!

Through these years of longing for a true friend, I think that I've finally found a couple who I enjoy being around and doing things with. I'm enjoying the friendship that we are building.

I love to dance and sing at home, have a wild imagination with many wonderful dreams that I would love to make come true one day and a passion for music. I also have a huge heart and try to help others where/when I can with what I do have (food, clothing, tangible items, an ear, etc.)

I love my children and husband with all of my heart, they are my true hero's in life and I'm not sure where I would be without them!

The reason behind this blog post is to share that not all bloggers live incredible and perfect lives. We all struggle with life, finances, children, faith, etc. We're all human and it's important to remember that everyone has feelings and though we are in a sense different, we can be similar in many ways.

Thank you for letting me share a tad bit of my personal life with you. Sadly, due to the nature of today's society and online predators, I won't be posting my children's photographs on my blog anytime soon for safety and protective reasons.


Loretta on March 26, 2010 at 12:39 AM said...

This is a very good blog! Anything you do is between God and yourself and no one else. I am proud of all of you. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post!!! I love your blog Michele!

Michele on April 1, 2010 at 12:52 AM said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and comments. I made a few alterations (separated paragraphs) and added a few sentences/words.

Mom, love you too!


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