Sunday, April 4, 2010

SNAKES! Watch your step, pets & family!

Please watch your children and be aware of surroundings if you live where there are snakes. I'm paranoid of them, my kids can't go outside to play unless I do a "Snake check" and I watch them like a hawk. I am constantly looking everywhere around the yard, road, parking area, etc.

We decided to mow our grass the other day and I went and mowed my neighbor's yard out of kindness. While mowing her yard, I could have sworn to have seen a tiny baby snake. I wasn't sure if it had been a snake or a worm but, it moved too swiftly to be a worm.

Returning home from town today brought on a whole new set of fears (this year anyways, I am terrified of snakes!). Crossing in front of my vehicle was a fairly large snake! To make matters worse, my husband came home tonight and informed me that he had destroyed a poisonous snake across the street in our friends driveway.

You should have seen me out in the yard hiding eggs today, I was looking in every crevice, hole, bush, etc. to make sure there weren't any snakes that would attack my children. It's terrible to be living in fears, really it is....but, I love where I live.

PLEASE! I beg you to check your surroundings and protect yourselves, family and pets. Don't be caught off guard and continue to be cautious. I've heard that snakes, weather, heat, etc. will be extreme this year. Be prepared for emergency situations.

I've been told that I have the tendency in being over protective and worry too much, this may be true (ok...VERY true). I'd rather try to keep everyone as safe as possible than see my loved ones get hurt.



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