Thursday, May 13, 2010 A touch of "Fancy" for your bathroom budget

Personally, I don't own a home (yet!). So, why am I checking out the great Bathroom Vanities from A girl can dream and I love browsing products that can be used in the future when we do purchase a home! This store is perfect, they don't just offer Bathroom Vanities and you do not have to own a home to shop here.

Everyone has a budget to work with when decorating your home or buying a gift. Budgets vary in size and at, you should be able to find something you just cannot live without within your price range!

I adore this elegant Powell Heirloom 36" Cherry Jewelry Armoire Bedroom Vanity Set from You can purchase this bedroom vanity for $463 with free shipping. Not a style you are in search of? That's okay! They have a beautiful selection of bedroom vanities at various prices.

I have an issue with my family tossing dirty laundry on the floor and leaving it for me to pick up. I am limited with room in my house and don't have a hamper so a pile of unsightly laundry usually sits next to the washer until I have time to do a load. This LaMont Athena Bench Hamper would be the perfect addition to my dirty laundry woes and it's on sale for $44.63 and comes in different shades to match your decor!

Love the hamper? How about a matching waste basket for $17.25? Great for your bathroom, bedroom, or even the laundry area.

I use to have trouble with my children being able to reach the bathroom sink to wash their hands or even help in the kitchen. The selection of step stools are really adorable and look at the quality! I am partial to this particular Gift Mark Two Step Stool in Honey for $27.95.

Love what you see so far? You can literally spend hours searching through the thousands of products has to offer! Check back on my blog soon for a great review I will be piecing together in the near future from this online store!

Disclaimer: I haven't received any compensation for this particular pre-review. I will be choosing a product to write review and sharing my own unbiased opinions on the products within I hold no responsibility between you and the company, and/or products you may purchase or receive from them.

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