Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moving to a new place is exciting yet, emotional

This past couple weeks was an adventure to say the least. We went from not being able to find a new place to live to finding a new rental a couple days before becoming homeless. You see, we lived in a small two bedroom home in the country with several problems. Between the health hazards of the home and the increasingly annoying and demanding landlords, we had to move. Our previous landlords would show up often and it wasn't pretty. We've actually been searching for a new rental for a couple years now.

The last two weeks of living in that home, they would come over and proceed to yell at us for any little thing they could think of and wait until we had company. The woman even told us that we had no renters rights. Please be sure to brush up on your renters rights just in case your put in a position such as ours. YOU HAVE RIGHTS! Take photographs of any hazards and damages for future use if needed. I've been considering whether or not to send the pictures to the proper authorities.

Let's move on! I don't want this to be completely negative, I was just blowing off some steam.

A couple days before stuffing the rest of our belongings in an overpriced storage unit, my husband went driving and looking down the back roads for any empty homes when he came across two. One was abandoned and one was previously rented. My husband spoke to one of his friends that morning who lives down the road from the home and he happened to know the landlords as his step daughter was the previous renter.

My hopeful husband drove down to the landlords home and they were gone so he came home to tell me about the house. We then got ready and went down there again. By the time we arrived, the landlords wife was home and told us to return later when her husband returned from his eye exam. When we finally met up with the landlord, he let us look inside of the home.

It's an older 3 bedroom home which was built in 1948 and there has been many updates to the house. A closed in back porch, walk in pantry, larger bathroom/kitchen than we previously had, etc. We loved the house and location and asked about a deposit. He told us that the deposit would be $300 and the first person out of the many residents asking about the home who handed over the deposit would most likely get it. We just happened to have it with us! We gave him the deposit and awaited his decision. I called him the next day to tell him that we'd get the first months rent to him on that Monday if he chose us and he said he had made his decision and it was ours!

To make a long story short, we are now in our new place! We had help with most of the big items to move but, we were exhausted with the heat and constant packing/moving. I'm still trying to get through my boxes and finish bringing home what was still in storage. I love the view from all of our windows, the beautiful and stunning view of the countryside is relaxing. We are surrounded by nature and a mile from the main road. There has been a couple glitches but, they have been handled asap by the new landlord.

One problem I have is my stove is fried from the other house! Only 1/2 of the electric worked there in the first place and the last day we were there, the electric blew again and fried my stove. We're making due without it though and just pleased to be in a peaceful and safe atmosphere. Moving is expensive, I must tell you that! Be prepared for several insane deposits from various utility companies (water, electric, phone, etc.).

My point? I'm back and will be working on my blog. There is a bug in the internet (dial up). However, I will write in between technical issues.

I hope you all had a beautiful 4Th of July! I hope I don't have anymore obstacles to jump through with blogging, this is a peaceful and relaxing hobby for me.



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