Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Giveaways- How do you like entry choices?

Good evening everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I've noticed a big difference in entrants when listing my giveaways and I'd love to hear from my readers about this.

Do you like 1x, Daily, or Unlimited entries?

Remember, my giveaways are for YOU and I'd like to accommodate all of my readers if possible. You can email me or post a comment here with your answer.

Thank you!

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Lance snacks & Fiber Gummies WINNERS

Thank you all for entering my giveaways and visiting my blog!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of my Lance Snacks giveaway!!

Loretta on October 10, 2010 12:35 AM said... 32
The whole wheat peanut butter. yum

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of my Fiber Gummies giveaway!!

Anonymous said... 13
Never really thought about it. I guess we eat a lot of green veggies like broccoli and asparagus. I think those are high in fiber. Nobody's ever complained about "being stuck" so I guess I don't worry about things that aren't a problem... I do eat an occasional fiber one snack bar at work, but thats because they're the only good thing in the vending machine

You have both been contacted, please reply within 48 hours with your shipping information so that I can contact the sponsors!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Give your home a touch of "You"

I've always dreamed of owning my own home! However, it's currently not in my cards to own as of right now. That doesn't mean you can't decorate your rental to give it a personal touch of "you" to make it feel like home!

While browsing I fell in love with several of these gorgeous drop leaf table choices! I especially love the discounts and FREE SHIPPING offers on each product they offer. Shopping for furniture and other items for your home can unfortunately, become stressful! Especially when choosing products on a budget.

The following table for example is $197.99 which gives a discount of 25% ($67.01) and don't forget that it ships FREE!

List Price: $265.00
You Save: $67.01 (25%)
Sale Price: $197.99
Shipping: Free
Total Price: $197.99

The particular table above offers and attractive discount, right? By browsing the other drop leaf table selections, you can clearly see the discounts can be quite generous!

How about this one for example? 52% off sounds lovely, doesn't it?!

List Price: $458.00
You Save: $238.00 (52%)
Sale Price: $220.00
Shipping: Free
Total Price: $220.00

Diningroomsdirect, does offer a large variety of products perfect for decorating your home to give it that personal touch it needs. Why not make your home comfortable and inviting not only to others but, more importantly? Yourself?!

Give your dining room a splash of excitement with a brand new drop leaf table from!

DISCLAIMER: I will receive a small gift certificate for sharing this information with my readers. However, what I have posted is my own personal and unbiased opinions. I hold no responsibility between you and the company nor the products.

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October Free Beauty Events & Giveaway

What woman doesn't like to be pampered every now and then? We all want to be beautiful on the outside whether it's from a makeover, hair care, cosmetic surgery, or simply using basic beauty products. provides information to the public about FREE beauty events in your area! Not only do they share this information, they also provide a chance to win free beauty products in their giveaways!


For the month of October, ten winners will receive University Medical AcneFree Sport Clear 2-Go Skin System - a $20 Value! The Contest runs from 10/1/2010 to 10/31/2010, winners will be chosen on 11/5/2010 and notified by 11/15/2010.

Like what you see so far? Head on over to and type in your zip code to find a beauty event going on in your area!

This month, for example, Prestige Cosmetics will be at college bookstores in Pennsylvania and Virginia with a free basket raffle for Prestige products, as well as free makeovers. In addition, in December Coty will be promoting their holiday fragrance gift sets at Rite Aid in New York and Pennsylvania.

-Beauty Makeovers
-Product Demos
-Product Samples
-Gift With Purchase
-Spa Open House

Do you host or demonstrate FREE Beauty Events?? You can submit yours FREE!

Free Beauty Events Submission Policy:

•Currently, we only accept listings for the United States.
•Submitting an event in no way guarantees that it will be listed.
•Once your editorial submission has been received, no changes to the event information may be made. Please be sure to check your information for accuracy before submitting.
•We are interested in free makeovers, free demonstrations, free samples, spa openings and more.
•Please submit your events no less than 7 days before the event will occur. We post events up to one month prior to the event date.
•Event listings may take several days to appear after submission.
•By submitting an event you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.

I am always browsing different blogs and really enjoy what has to offer it's readers. If you have a chance, stop by and check out the Beauty Blog located on The Free Beauty Events website for the latest information on beauty products available today. Follow on Twitter for quick "tweeted" updates!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies GIVEAWAY! Ends 10/25

This coupon was originally requested for personal use. However, I haven't been able to locate this product anywhere locally so my loss is your gain! Did you know that 90% of children DO NOT receive enough fiber intake?

Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies are:

Product Details:
•For kids ages 2-11

•Fiber helps promote regularity*

•1.5 grams of fiber per gummy

•Source of fiber: Polydextrose

•Penguin-shaped gummies deliver fiber in a chewable, kid-friendly form
•Sugar-free, zero calories

•Great tasting, all natural fruit flavors

•Xylitol, the sweetener used in Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies may reduce the risk of cavities

•Easy to incorporate into daily routine

•This product is not a laxative

•Supplement Facts

•Dentist approved

Recommended serving:•Kids 2-11: 1 gummy, 3 times daily

When visiting Pedia-Lax don't forget to enter the great Keep Kids Moving contest! Plus, you can download your very own $1 off coupon directly from the website as well.

Since this is a personal giveaway, I'll keep this post short and sweet! The entry will be simple as well.


One winner will win a coupon for a FREE bottle of Pedia-Lax Gummies up to $7.99


MANDATORY ENTRY: What foods do you serve to your family to help fiber intake? (I'm taking notes!)

You may enter as many times as you like (Yep! Unlimited entries!!) and this giveaway is open to US residents 18+, Void in Hawaii & Alaska

BONUS ENTRIES: Please leave a separate comment for each entry you complete. Each of the following are worth 1 Entry unless specified otherwise.

*Follow my blog on Google friend connect
*Follow my RSS Feed or Subscribe to my feed burner
*Blog about this giveaway
*Grab my button
*Follow me on twitter @mrsmiki77 & tweet about this giveaway. Come back and post your "tweet" link and username.

Giveaway will end on October 25, 2010 at 11:59 pm CST

Winner will be chosen and contacted by email. You must reply within 48 hours with your shipping address or another winner will be chosen. Once shipping information has been received, I will then contact the sponsor with your information so that they can mail out your prize. Sorry, per sponsor, P.O. Boxes will not be accepted.

PRIVACY POLICY: I will not sell, rent, or share your personal information with anyone other than the sponsor of this giveaway. Entrants will not receive any emails from 'Little Bit Of This And That' with the exception of contacting and staying in touch with the winner until prize has been fulfilled.

I received a coupon for personal use and couldn't find the product in my area. I hold no responsibility between you, the company, products, redemptions, and/or the company. Please check with your doctor before using any OTC products.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Support the fight for the cure with Pepperidge Farm

Several thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. While I don’t know anyone personally who is fighting Breast Cancer, as a caring and compassionate woman and human being, I whole heartedly support the cause. CORRECTION: I have online friends fighting Breast Cancer, my deepest apologies for not mentioning them. Won’t you join myself and millions of others support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure with Pepperidge Farm ?

After showing your support on Pepperidge Farm‘s Facebook Campaign , snag your very own .50 Off Coupon savings on a package of Milano cookies directly from the Facebook page.

The following information was shared with me by One 2 One Network, please pass it on and help fight breast cancer with Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor of all of those who've been touched by the disease, Pepperidge Farm is turning their Milano packaging pink -inspiration for the cure!

To support this cause, Pepperidge Farm has launched a Facebook Campaign to encourage consumers to share a "Milano Moment" when they realized life is sweet.

It gets better! From now through October 31st, Pepperidge Farm is donating $.50 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every Milano moment shared on the Milano Facebook Page (up to $50,000) !

This month, Milano is turning their packaging pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month and has launched a Facebook Campaign initiative to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

DISCLAIMER: I have not and will not be compensated for this post.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lysol No-Touch System- Personal review

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

I’m trying to teach my children healthy hygiene but, just how sanitary is the pump on a bottle of hand soap? You would not believe the germs you’re putting back onto your hands by using a disposable pump! I was exciting to see that they came out with a no touch hand soap system, especially by Lysol which is a brand that I trust for my family and best of all, it kills 99.9% of germs! However, I was skeptical about the product as I usually am when new products hit the market. Would it really work? Is it worth the price? Will this product save us money in the long run? I decided to wait it out a little while.

It was pure luck when I entered the grocery store one day and found the starter kit for a mere $6 on sale and it included a soap refill and battery. I grabbed the kit without thinking and now wish I had purchased more than one. I put the starter kit in my bathroom and would love to have one in the kitchen as well. The price went up a few days after my purchase of course, so here I am, waiting again for another sale.

I love the ease of putting this Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System together and the ease of use. The battery is inserted in the bottom of the system, turn the system back over making sure the button is turned to “off” and push the soap refill into the slot on top of the system. After you insert the soap, turn the system “on” and wave your hand in front of the sensor until the soap comes out.

The one con about this product that I have an issue with is that it activates by sensory and I have to keep a paper towel underneath the system or soap will end up on the counter. The price of the refills could use a price adjustment as well, I think they are too high. I'd love to see more scents offered! I've only found three available in our area.

*Cucumber Splash
*Grapefruit Essence
*Ginger and green tea

Both hand soap refills have pleasant scents and cost around $3.50 each refill.

Short review of Lysol Hand Soap Refill "Grapefruit Essence":

I enjoy scented products, especially anything to do with bathroom products such as hand soaps. Let’s face it, not all soaps have a pleasant scent. I had a soap (No names mentioned) that reminded me of a flea and tick shampoo for dogs! YES, you read right…flea and tick shampoo scented hand soap that you used on YOUR body! Sorry, that’s not my idea of a nice cleansing experience. I cringed every time I had to use the soap. When you use a product on your body, you’d like to smell nice and not like your pet. Not to mention, the pump became dingy over time and not very sanitary. When you use a product on your body, you’d like to smell nice and not like your pet.

I love the new Lysol No-Touch hand soap system and the soap refills come in lovely scents. I wish they would come out with new scented soaps. The ‘Grapefruit Essence’ refill has a light citrus scent that lasts awhile after washing your hands. The system dispenses just enough of the soap to properly wash your hands which helps prevent wasted soap and in return saves you money.

The soap refills also provide a splash of color to your sink with light orange or light green (Cucumber Splash) scented colors. Out of both refills I have used, I prefer this scent. Another fantastic plus is the soaps are antibacterial and safe for your family. The only thing I would change about this refill is by lowering the price to make them more affordable and add a wider variety of scents.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased and I was NOT compensated in any way for this post. I hold no responsibilities between yourself and the company by using said product.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cooking woes? Play with your food!

I love food….who doesn’t?! I detest cooking although I prepare full meals several nights a week. I honestly cringe when my husband calls and asks the same question everyday… “What’s for supper?” Yes, he calls it “supper” being that he is a southern man and if you know anything about the south, southern men love to eat!

I am sure by now that you know I am a California native so trying to prepare the real southern dinners can be a challenge for me. I’ll never be able to top or even compare my cooking to the southern women here in Mississippi. Have you ever enjoyed a southern meal? I’m telling you, these ladies (and gentlemen) can cook! It’s a wonder that I haven’t gained a lot of weight since moving here. This might be a reason I’m having issues with weight loss. At least I have maintained my weight for the most part. My weight has always fluctuated.

You might be asking why I don’t like to cook and this is an easy question to answer. Cooking on a budget can be challenging and can be dull if you don’t know too many recipes. The sounds of “Ohhh man, not that again!” makes my stomach churn. What I do take pleasure in is experimenting with food! I have also become devoted to my cookbooks in recent months. I actually take great pride in creating new and exciting dishes. I may not enjoy cooking but, I do love the end results! Well, sometimes I do. There are times when I’d rather feed my dishes to the dogs instead of my family and there are times that I wouldn’t even dream of serving the dish to my dogs either!

My failures don’t discourage me, I’ve actually made several scrumptious meals from both experimenting and following recipes. If anything, my failures encourage me to strive harder in achieving tastier meals for my family on a budget.

Have you ever wondered what to do with the odds and ends in your pantry, fridge or freezer? I have! The magnificent factor about this is that you can experiment with your food and hopefully create a delectable dish your family will love. I’ve learned to stock my pantry with various seasonings, sauces, oils, marinades, mixes, etc. to give a little “oomph” to a dish. The right seasonings can seriously upgrade a boring meal into a “mom, this is really good. Can I have seconds?” meal. Or the infamous “Honey, this is really, really good!” from your husband who is as picky about food as he is with just about anything and let me add, he is quite the picky man!

I love my family and do what I can to please and make them happy. They say that one way into a mans heart is food, lol. I cannot use this saying as I use to cook frozen prepackaged meals frequently in the past. Very unhealthy, expensive and most of the time unappealing. Why did I cook this way? I suppose it was laziness on my part. I did cook great meals from time to time but, the other way of cooking consumed us at dinner time. Not anymore! I have been learning to cook more from scratch by using my cookbooks and experimenting. One thing I haven’t been able to master yet is biscuits. Yes, I admit it…I cannot make biscuits from scratch to save my life (or money!). So, unfortunately I stock up on canned biscuits which comes no where close to what a delicate, fluffy, homemade biscuit tastes or even resembles in looks. My husband and I have both tried and failed to make homemade biscuits several times. If anyone has a secret to this, please feel free to share!

Do you own an iphone? You can visit Betty Crocker to download a free cookbook app. The app is perfect if you don’t have any cookbooks sitting around. There are over 5,000 recipes within this application and you can save them in your favorites folder.

I’m beginning to enjoy cooking a smidgen more with each successful meal and I’m sure my family is a bit more thrilled with the variety, lol. I suppose that the point of this blog post other than just to ramble would be that you can turn your dull and unexciting meals into something your family will enjoy even if you live on a tight budget. Just pick up a cookbook or two, stock up on spices, sauces, marinades, etc. and enjoy your newfound way of cooking!

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