Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lysol No-Touch System- Personal review

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

I’m trying to teach my children healthy hygiene but, just how sanitary is the pump on a bottle of hand soap? You would not believe the germs you’re putting back onto your hands by using a disposable pump! I was exciting to see that they came out with a no touch hand soap system, especially by Lysol which is a brand that I trust for my family and best of all, it kills 99.9% of germs! However, I was skeptical about the product as I usually am when new products hit the market. Would it really work? Is it worth the price? Will this product save us money in the long run? I decided to wait it out a little while.

It was pure luck when I entered the grocery store one day and found the starter kit for a mere $6 on sale and it included a soap refill and battery. I grabbed the kit without thinking and now wish I had purchased more than one. I put the starter kit in my bathroom and would love to have one in the kitchen as well. The price went up a few days after my purchase of course, so here I am, waiting again for another sale.

I love the ease of putting this Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System together and the ease of use. The battery is inserted in the bottom of the system, turn the system back over making sure the button is turned to “off” and push the soap refill into the slot on top of the system. After you insert the soap, turn the system “on” and wave your hand in front of the sensor until the soap comes out.

The one con about this product that I have an issue with is that it activates by sensory and I have to keep a paper towel underneath the system or soap will end up on the counter. The price of the refills could use a price adjustment as well, I think they are too high. I'd love to see more scents offered! I've only found three available in our area.

*Cucumber Splash
*Grapefruit Essence
*Ginger and green tea

Both hand soap refills have pleasant scents and cost around $3.50 each refill.

Short review of Lysol Hand Soap Refill "Grapefruit Essence":

I enjoy scented products, especially anything to do with bathroom products such as hand soaps. Let’s face it, not all soaps have a pleasant scent. I had a soap (No names mentioned) that reminded me of a flea and tick shampoo for dogs! YES, you read right…flea and tick shampoo scented hand soap that you used on YOUR body! Sorry, that’s not my idea of a nice cleansing experience. I cringed every time I had to use the soap. When you use a product on your body, you’d like to smell nice and not like your pet. Not to mention, the pump became dingy over time and not very sanitary. When you use a product on your body, you’d like to smell nice and not like your pet.

I love the new Lysol No-Touch hand soap system and the soap refills come in lovely scents. I wish they would come out with new scented soaps. The ‘Grapefruit Essence’ refill has a light citrus scent that lasts awhile after washing your hands. The system dispenses just enough of the soap to properly wash your hands which helps prevent wasted soap and in return saves you money.

The soap refills also provide a splash of color to your sink with light orange or light green (Cucumber Splash) scented colors. Out of both refills I have used, I prefer this scent. Another fantastic plus is the soaps are antibacterial and safe for your family. The only thing I would change about this refill is by lowering the price to make them more affordable and add a wider variety of scents.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased and I was NOT compensated in any way for this post. I hold no responsibilities between yourself and the company by using said product.


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