Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome DIMIZE, New artist song promotion


Taught from a young age, we are encouraged to follow our dreams no matter how "out there" they may be. Most people know that I am fond of music and listen to an extensive variety of musical genres.

I'd like to welcome my newest blog guest, DIMIZE. This young man has endured a lot in his short life. If you enjoy music as much as I do, please show DIMIZE your support!

DISCLAIMER: I have not, nor will I be compensated for this blog post. If you are an artist trying to get your music out, please email me! I'd be happy to assist you with a guest blog post such as this one. I don't charge a fee for my guests as they write a majority of their post. However, I'd be ecstatic if the artists would send me a CD sampler by mail!

The following song may not be suitable for tender, young ears. Please take caution before listening or ordering this clip while children are present.

The following BIO was sent directly from DIMIZE, himself. This short biography has not been edited.

DIMIZE has been writing and performing music for almost twelve years now. At the age of 15 he became serious about making a career out of HIP HOP music. He always had a passion for writing and enjoyed hearing new music. But the main reason he became focused was because of his first son being due soon; and the determination his deceased mother instilled in him. She passed away when he was only 12 years old, and Dimize made a promise to her that he would become successful. That’s where most of his drive comes from, along w/ his father’s positive mind frame.

When Dimize was still in high school, he began writing rhymes in every class. The teachers he had each class period were different and some didn’t care what their students did in class. He started recording a little here and there with various classmates; who were also focused on music at an early age. The response they got from classmates was phenomenal! Before graduating from High School Dimize’s second son was born, and at that time he mentally went into over drive.

Dimize began to rap with older Artists around the city who could see he had a "knack" for HIP HOP. Around 2002 threw a mutual friend he hooked up with a known artist around the city by the name of "Mike Nasty". Mike had a small track record from performing around the city. His group,"NRL" better known as "The National Rap League" was just about to separate. The group had an album out along with doing some work with "Jazz" from "Dru Hill", but things didn’t work out.

"The Def Jam Battle contest". They decided to take a trip to N.Y. and enter this contest. Dimize had a determined mind and looked forward to winning this challenge; but the contest was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances involving the New York City Police and Def Jam. In the future Def Jam then continued the contest online.

Dimize continued to work with "Mike Nasty" until he until he was jailed for legal problems, so Dimize broke away. Then he crossed paths in the streets with a local Harrisburg group called "Post Up Productions." They practiced a couple songs together; and quickly noticed Dimize’s leadership abilities and wanted him to be their first solo artist. They performed for sold out crowds at "Club Flow" in Philadelphia,PA , "Club Swizzles" in York,PA , and "Copin State College" in Baltimore, MD. After performing with this group for some months, Dimize decided to start his own conglomerate.

Dimize started an entity along with a relative called "Gutta 2 Glory Ent.", a universal term that anyone who comes from and urban environment could relate to like his. "Coming from nothing to make something in a positive manner." He soon was joined by three associates and they started recording music together. Dimize continued to write music for him and the group. As the leader of this movement he decided to release an underground mix tape called "Loyalty Vol 1" between December of 2005 threw all of 2006. Which sold throughout Harrisburg,Pa and Baltimore,MD to name a few.

"Loyalty Vol 1" was created because of Dimize’s experiences he encountered with some of the disloyal things people do on a daily basis, especially in the streets. The response to this CD was so outstanding that they continue to stay sold out of this mix tape today.

After their initial release Gutta 2 Glory performed for their city along with a local DJ named "Kaos." The performance was a great success and was great for promotion. Later the same year closer to 2007 Dimize was placed in "Whats Good Magazine" for his phenomenal clothing logo design for "Gutta 2 Glory Ent." Which was followed by a "Whats Good Magazine" concert. The concert had a great local and surrounding states turnout at the "Jam Rock Cafe" in Downtown Harrisburg. Since then, Dimize has been back in the studio creating great "original material" since the mixtape circuit is too flooded. His debut single "Only God Can Judge Me" was featured on a popular internet radio station called "Burg City Radio." Dimize’s motto to this day is "Going from the Gutta 2 Glory", a universal term that everyone can relate to. It’s obvious to see, that whoever is destined to cross paths with this young man is bound to witness talent in it’s rawest form.

His passion will live on even when his career has been laid to rest, but until then as he would say, "Shine til I can’t Shine no more" and "Grind til I can’t Grind no more." Ladies and Gentlemen, "Welcome to the future of HIP HOP music".

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