Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interview With TLC Extreme Couponer Nathan Engels!

Discovering the show Extreme Couponing by TLC has brought me the pleasure in being able to do a mini interview with one of the shows top clients!

To find out more about Nathan and other TLC couponers, you can visit his informative forum community at Be sure to look me up (mrsmiki77), I love new friends. See you there!

On behalf of Michele's Little Bit of This & That, WELCOME!

When and Why did you get into couponing?

I got into couponing because we
had so much debt we were struggling to pay for groceries! We set a grocery
budget and made our money stretch. Coupons helped us and that's when it all

What is your profession other than professional couponer?!

I'm a cartographer! That's a mapmaker for those that aren't familiar with the
term! My family has a small business called Engels Maps!

What was your best haul?

My best haul was on the TLC show that aired in December. I generally save 50-70% on my grocery bill!!

In all honesty, just how much of your home has your stockpile taken over? Some people equate Extreme couponers with hoarders.

Just my garage! I have a nice sized pantry upstairs in my kitchen, but my
garage is where my stockpile resides!

If you won the lottery, would you continue couponing?

I would surely tone it down!! I coupon because I am trying to live a debt free life. I
enjoy couponing but it's a means to an end. If I suddenly won the lottery,
I'd probably still use them, but not as 'extremely' LOL



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