Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chi-Town Vapers Review


Continuing my journey in the Electronic cigarette experience, I've been presented with another opportunity to experiment with more E-juice flavors. Chi-Town Vapers produces a large variety of flavored E-juice as well as electronic devices.

There are hundreds of different electronic cigarette choices available on the market. I've used a few different devices myself. I love the freedom of no longer having a stale ashtray type odor, no inhaling dangerous chemicals and best of all? You'll save a bundle of money when you switch to electronic cigarettes. Flavors are very enjoyable. These don't generally taste like a traditional cigarette. However, many companies do create flavors that "mock" a traditional cigarette taste.

There are thousands of flavors available to use in an electronic cigarette cartridge. Please remember that each person has a different desire or flavor preference and what may be right for one person, might not be suitable for another.

Chi-Town Vapers offers it's consumers a way to establish a flavor favorite via it's sampler packs. The sampler pack gives the consumers an option of choosing 3-5 E-juice flavors they would like to try at the time. You will also be given the opportunity in selecting the nicotine strength (Price depends on nicotine strength) and PG/VG mixture.

Nicotine Strength Options:
0mg Nicotine
8mg Nicotine
15mg Nicotine
24mg Nicotine
36mg Nicotine

PG/VG Mix Options:
25% PG/75% VG
50% PG/50% VG
75% PG/25% VG
100% VG
100% PG

Visit Chi-Town Vapers, "FAQ's & How To's" to learn more about PG/VG mixtures as well as other important information!

Chi-Town Vapers, E-liquid flavors can provide both a light or stronger throat hit. This all depends on the device you use as well as the amount of liquid inside of your cartridge. My favorite E-juice flavor, Chi-Town Vapers offers at this time is the Wintergreen which gives a sweet-mint type of taste and scent. I still haven't finished trying all of the flavors that I've both purchased and received for this post. I also enjoyed adding a couple drops of my Wintergreen e-juice with fruity flavors to give a more distinctive combination.

While I use to smoke traditional cigarettes in full flavors, I have learned to enjoy the more flavorful fruits, desserts and minty e-juice available for my electronic cigarette. With an option of the sampler pack with free shipping? I'm able to enjoy a whole, new vaping experience!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and I hold no responsibility between you and the company. Nor do I hold any responsibilities for the products you use or consume. I was compensated with a sample pack of e-liquid for the post. However, I have expressed my true opinions. I was a customer prior to my sample review.

An Electronic cigarette device is not a cure or stop smoking cessation device. Please seek a medical professionals help if you wish to quit smoking.

If you do not smoke, it is not recommended that you should start smoking, no use an electronic cigarette.


Anonymous said...

I bought some e liquids from chi town vapors they were a cheap price but i guess i got what i paid for the flavors were great at first about a week later the flavors on all ten bottles disappeard i was very unsatisfied and disappointed.


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