Monday, January 9, 2012

Extreme Couponing Cookie Style!

As I have always mentioned, Extreme Couponing eludes me. I have been extensively learning how to utilize my coupons for a maximum savings. Sometimes, the deals fall short and don't work for me as well as I had planned for my trips to the grocery store(s).

Shopping with coupons can be very frustrating and overwhelming at times. There have been moments where I've just wanted to throw my hands in the air and give up. Do I give up? NO! I'm trying to save my family money with the coupons we have, even a 10% savings is better than 0% savings, right?

You could possibly imagine my excitement when I used coupons on the items pictured below. While they had to be split up into separate transactions (and visits) to follow the stores coupon policy, I still saved a bundle by using coupons.

Of course, you might also be wondering why I'd even need so much "junk food". The answer is simple. My husband takes his breakfast, lunch and snacks to work every single day. We normally buy boxes of snacks and toss them in a large tote bag. This tote bag is for work or even when my children want to take a snack to school. Why spend the money when you have a chance in getting these items for free or low cost? I don't have money to waste, do you?

The raisinets were purchased with .75/1 coupons, this made the boxes .25 each. The cookies were purchased with 2 different coupons.

.35/1 Nutter butter, Oreo or Fig newtons single serve packs
.50/1 Oreo 2-3oz packs

All of the cookie coupons were doubled! (ie: .35=70, .50=$1.00)

After coupons, double coupons, taxes and overages, I paid a total of $1.29 for everything you see in the pictures at Kroger & Walgreens! Yes!! You read that correctly, $1.29!

If you counted the cookies and candy in the pictures, there are 34 packages of cookies and 9 boxes of raisinets.

The coupons are available in various gas stations on the displays. I had permission to take some of the coupons and some cashiers had even gave me extra coupons. I did NOT take all of the coupons available. The cashiers mentioned that they put new coupons out weekly and that I'm welcome to come back.

If an average couponer can save this much $$, so can you! Just remember that you don't have to be an extreme couponer, any amount of savings will add up. As I mentioned, I'm an average coupon user and still come home with a savings of 10%-100% at times. I never go anywhere without tossing my coupons in the car, never know what deal might be available to you!

FYI: Be sure to check clearance aisle often. Some of the best cheap or free items can be purchased with coupons this way.


Carrie K on January 28, 2012 at 1:50 PM said...

That's a lot of snacks for just $1.29!
I have tried couponing a few times, and with a lot of planning, I did a couple trips that where I got a lot of stuff at quite a discount. Very satisfying to walk out of the store and see the savings on the receipt.


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