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Q-tips® - Not Just For Ears!

Did you know all of the various ways Q-tips can be used in your daily life? Neither did I. Don't get me wrong I knew there were other uses than just cleaning your ears. It wasn't until I read the tip sheet and tips other users have shared before realizing this is only touching the surface of possibilities.

Q-tips® wanted to get the word out on their newest Q-tip product and I am delighted to share it with you. Q-tips has recently introduced Q-tips® Precision Tips. They are specially designed with pointed tips at both ends making smaller spaces easier to clean.

I have to say, these new Q-tips are great! I used a “to go” pack for cleaning ears, electronic cigarette cartridges, stove top crevices, computer keyboard, around the computer monitor, under faucets, etc. Now, I cannot wait to purchase another package to keep on hand.

This has always been one of my favorite ways to use Q-tips. I’ve always noticed that it doesn’t matter how much cleaner or how hard you scrub the stove top down, there will always be leftover, disgusting grease, and other particles stuck in the cracks.

I didn‘t know what I could use other than the tip of a rag, paper towel, or dish cloth and became frustrated. After all, this is where our food is prepared and should be sterile. I would worry about whether or not my family was consuming harmful bacteria if I didn’t clean the cracks well enough. Bacteria spreads and when the stove heats up so did the particles in the crack of the stove top.

Do you notice how dirty this section of the stove top is? I wanted to show you what is left after I sprayed the surface down with a leading brand cleaner. If you look closely at the picture below, you will see what the Q-tip removed after sliding it down the slot of the stove.

This was just the FIRST swipe! I had to use a few Q-tips to remove the remaining mess from the stoves surface. I’m actually a bit embarrassed to show you this. Imagine the filth of the stove before learning how to easily remove all of the grease, dirt, and other leftovers my cooking decided to leave behind.

Could you imagine the breeding bacteria within?! All I could think of is how my family could have possibly fallen ill from something like this. Luckily, I discovered that using Q-tips would help rid my family of this issue a few years ago.

Now if only I could figure out how to remove the rings around the burners safely without severely scratching the surface!

You can visit Q-tips on FACEBOOK to read what other users have to say about the Q-tip products! Be sure to “like” Q-tips as they periodically offer contests to their fans.

You can also follow them on twiiter @Qtips for more information and announcements!

Q-tips has compiled a tip sheet for my readers and I’m excited to share all of these fantastic tips with you and would love to hear how YOU use Q-tips products. I was amazed with the different ways that you are able to utilize your Q-tips. Honestly? Without this fact sheet, I would have never thought to use Q-tips in these particular tasks. The possibilities seem endless!

Art & Crafts

Paintbrushes for Small Hands
Q-tips® cotton swabs are the perfect-sized paintbrushes for children's small hands. For the brightest pictures and the easiest clean-up, use a different one for every color.

Remove Dirt and Grime Easily
Remove the grime from hard-to-reach places on model train gearboxes, drive axles and bearings with Q-tips® cotton swabs.

Extra Glue for Arts & Crafts
Q-tips® cotton swabs and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ are great for applying glue to models and arts and crafts projects. Use one tip to apply the glue and the other to remove any excess before it dries.

Precision Tools for Pottery
Carving designs into pottery is made simple with Q-tips® cotton swabs or Q-tips® Precison Tips™. Use these precision tools to put the finishing touches on sculptures.

Easy Touch-Ups with Fresh Paint
Q-tips® cotton swabs are the perfect tool to touch-up hard-to-reach areas on freshly painted model airplanes and cars – or even dollhouses.


A Gentler Clean for Baby
Moisten Q-tips® cotton swabs with warm water to clean your baby's outer ear, folds of the neck or between toes, nostrils and eyes.

Taking Care of a Newborn’s Needs
Dip a Q-tips® cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to clean around your newborn's umbilical cord.

Medicine Application for Active Tots
Q-tips® cotton swabs are great for applying medications and ointments to minor cuts and bruises – they are convenient, clean and disposable.


A Fantastic Alternative to the Makeup Brush
Q-tips® cotton swabs and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ are an excellent alternative to using a makeup brush or sponge. They provide precise makeup application, are great for softening the bright colors, and safe for delicate skin around the eyes.

Disposable Eye Shadow Brushes
Q-tips® cotton swabs and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ are great for eye shadow application because they are disposable so you can use a new one for each color to ensure hues stay true. No need to worry about washing brushes while layering colors…they are a cleaner alternative!

Fix the Makeup “Oops”!
To fix makeup mistakes, just dip a dot of makeup remover on a Q-tips® cotton swab or Q-tips® Precision Tip™ – to erase it! Perfect for fixing a smudge without having to re-do your whole look.


Furniture and Floors Like New!
Use Q-tips® cotton swabs or Q-tips® Precision Tips™ to touch-up paint on cabinets or walls. Apply wood stain to cover scratches in furniture or floors.

Make Your Silver Shine
When you bring out the good silver for a special occasion, Q-tips® cotton swabs or Q-tips® Precision Tips™ are ideal for applying polish to small crevices.

The Perfect Tiny Duster
Remove dust from picture frames, scroll-work and statues with a Q-tips® cotton swab or Q-tips® Precision Tips™.

Keep Your Computer Spotless
Keep your home office in good condition. Use a moist Q-tips® cotton swab or Q-tips® Precision Tip™ to clean the edges of the computer screen and between the keys on your keyboard.

DISCLAIMER: I received a gift pack in return for this post. All opinions are mine and unbiased. I hold no responsibility between you, the company and/or the products.



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