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Emergency situations occur everyday. Whether it’s an earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, hurricane, storm, or another disaster, you need to be prepared. Being prepared for such emergencies can make a significant difference in your chances of survival. The time to be take action for Emergency Preparedness is now, not when a disaster strikes!

It is ideal to store enough food and water in a safe place for each member of the family. Some might feel that food and water is the only necessities a family will need during an emergency. This misconception can lead to a miserable ordeal and can certainly lesson your chances of survival.

Yes, food and water are important, but what about flashlights, matches, blankets, water purification tablets, toiletries, radio, cell phone, etc.? How about a written emergency plan that can be sprung into action if the need arises? Your children need to know where a safe haven is to meet with you if you may get separated.

If my children are in school, my son and daughter are to find one another if deemed safe and wait together until my husband or myself, come to find them. They are in good hands, the school has several active plans in place and will do their best to care for all of the children.

It’s important to keep calm during an emergency situation. If you lose your cool, so will the rest of your family. While I understand that this could be a stressful and frightening time, think about your children. Children feed off of the emotions of adults. If you are stressed out, they will be as well. It will be tougher to keep everything together if you don’t keep your head on straight. Stay calm and reassure your family that they will be ok.

I’d like to share a company that I recently discovered while browsing the internet. sales a variety of survival products for the home, office, school, and more. I am so impressed with this company, I’ve decided to take the product I received and share it with my son’s Boy Scout troop. It was a pleasure speaking to the owner of He is willing to speak with anyone who has concerns and/or questions about the products.

The Deluxe Survival Honey Bucket Kit; provides the basics for necessary survival. This kit is perfect for Earthquake Preparedness among other disasters.

There are currently four (4) Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit’s available for purchase:

1 Person Kit (KEX1P)
1 - Honey Bucket w/Lid
1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar
1 - Solar Blanket
6 - Pouches of Water
1 - Dust Mask
1 - Poncho

2 Person Kit (KEX2P)
1 - Honey Bucket w/Lid
2 - 2400 Calorie Food Bars
2 - Solar Blankets
12 - Pouches of Waters
2 - Dust Masks
2 - Ponchos

3 Person Kit (KEX3P)
1 - Honey Bucket w/Lid
3 - 2400 Calorie Food Bars
3 - Solar Blankets
18 - Pouches of Waters
3 - Dust Masks
3 - Ponchos

4 Person Kit (KEX4P)
1 - Honey Bucket w/Lid
4 - 2400 Calorie Food Bars
4 - Solar Blankets
24 - Pouches of Waters
4 - Dust Masks
4 - Ponchos

In addition to the items listed above, you will also find the following items included:

1 - 12 Pack of Liners
6 - Wet Naps
1 - 12 Hour Light Stick
1 - T-5 Chemical Toilet Disinfectant
1 - Roll 10 yards Duct Tape
1 - Gas & Water Shut Off Tool
1 - 54 Piece First Aid Kit
1 - Dynamo Flashlight & Radio
1 - Pair Leather Palm Gloves
1 - Utility Knife
1 - 5 N 1 Whistle
50 - Water Purification Tablets
1 - 15" Pry Bar

I received the two (2) person Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit and have to admit, I’ve never considered having a “portable potty” during an emergency. Have you? This does make sense, where would you use the facilities if a disaster situation arose? The honey bucket consists of the bucket and a sturdy, plastic toilet seat in the shape of a traditional toilet.

The only thing that I wish was different, is the food bars. I'd like to see them in individual wrappers (They are available for purchase individually). I haven't opened any of the food bars and cannot tell you how they taste. However, I've been assured that they are delectable.

I’d like to share a tidbit of information about some of the products I received in my kit. If your family needs additional items, they are readily available for purchase. Organizing your bucket, provides extra room for similar products. Or, you can purchase an additional, empty Honey Bucket to fill. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one kit in an emergency.

Mayday 6 Pack Pouch Water w/ Pour Spout

*Each Pouch contains 4.225 ounces of Water.

*Pre-Measured pouches make the water easy to dispense, and the potential for loss is minimized.

*U.S. Coast Guard Approved: #160.6.026/70/0.

*Meets SOLAS Requirements 74/83.

*No Oxygen Transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination).

*No special storage required - it can withstand temperatures from (-40°F to 210°F). (-40°C to 99°C).

*No Cups Needed!

*Five (5)Year Shelf Life

2400 Calorie Mayday Food Bars

*2400 calorie bars are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the Canadian Transport Department and have a five (5) year shelf life.

*All our food rations are baked under strict supervision and all have that great taste of apple cinnamon.

*Mayday food rations can be stored outside up to 149 degrees (F) and can be eaten without preparation.

*Also available by the case - (24) per case for only $4.04 per bar

Honey Bucket

*The Honey Bucket (Port-A-Pottie) is a crush resistant 5 gallon bucket and has a durable carrying handle with toilet seat and lid.

*When not in use, you can use this item to store other emergency supplies.

*Build your own kit or use this kit for extra supply storage.

Thinking of ordering an emergency kit? There are several different choices available! Each type of kit is unique, all “types” carry similar yet, different items. You can also gather ideas from various kits, if you’d like to build your own kit.

*Honey Bucket Kits
*Road Warrior/Mountain Kit
*Fanny Pack Kits
*Commuter Kits
*Classroom/School Emergency Kits
*Office Emergency Kits
*Car Emergency Kits
*Backpacking Emergency Kits
*Hygiene Kits
*Sanitary Kits
*Search & Rescue Kits
*Earthquake Kits
*72 Hour Kits
*Ready To Roll Kits
*Individual supplies
***PLUS MORE!!***

Don’t be caught unprepared! Disasters strike when you least expect them. Katrina survivors didn’t expect rescue operations to take extensive time, earthquakes or severe storms can leave you without power for days and adequate supplies, and flood waters can destroy power supply leaving your food spoiled and water unsanitary.

No matter the circumstance, it’s best to be prepared for ANY emergency situation. I bookmarked for future reference and plan to place orders when funds are available.

You can take advantage of the special sale they have going, now! Save 10% off of your order of $40 or more with the code “REWARD” at checkout. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and will be sent via UPS ground or Freight.

Vital information about shipping, returns and damaged goods can be found directly on the website. Please note that some products cannot be returned. If any products arrive damaged, please contact immediately.

Due to the nature of the items that we sell, there would be a safety issue in accepting certain items for return. Therefore, the following products can not be accepted for return:

-Any food or drink product or products containing food or water
-Any storage or handling products for food or consumable liquids
-Any environmental contamination treatment products (such as water treatment tablets)
-All environmental preparedness products (such as N95 respirator masks)
-All hygiene and sanitation items
-All medical products
-Opened items and items with damaged product packaging

Don't forget to bookmark my blog for future, emergency preparedness posts!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own and unbiased.


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