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Glee Gum Make Your Own Chewing Gum GIVEAWAY! Ends 4/30

Summer vacation is quickly approaching! Providing enough entertainment for children and/or teenagers can be challenging. I have 2 children ages 10 ½ and 14. While they do have friends, they spend 99% of their free time at home. I’m not complaining, I love knowing where my children are at all times. Of course, I know this won’t last forever and I have realized how quickly they are growing up.

It’s tough keeping children busy. Minds quickly changing, not to mention mood swings. Who knew teenagers could be so cranky at times?! Ok, yes, I knew but, was in denial that it would happen to mine. :)

Recently, I discovered a product that is crafty and edible. A craft that could easily take up more than a couple hours of their undivided attention! This project was super easy and fun for the entire family. Perfect! The company also offers other activity kits as well.

Glee Gum is an independent, family-owned business, located in Providence, RI .

A tidbit of history for you!

In 1992, the concept for Verve was born when we visited an economically depressed chicle-producing community in Northern Guatemala. Up until then, we had never really thought about how chewing gum was made. When we realized its origins, we learned that prior to the synthetic resins, chicle was the basis of the entire industry. Our goal was to support chicle-harvesting by purchasing chicle. With this goal in mind, Verve was born, and with it our first and most popular product, the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit.
Today, Verve provides a sustainable source of income for those communities while simultaneously offering fun, educational, and environmentally friendly activities for kids.

Our pioneering Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit has captivated the imaginations of thousands of children while helping them to learn more about the world around them. They are often used in classrooms where students are studying rainforest ecology, the history of food production, the chemistry of cooking, and the interconnections in our global community.

I was sent the Make your own chewing gum kit, to share with my readers. One lucky reader will also have the opportunity in winning one of these kits as well.

Upon opening the box, and pulling out the contents, I knew this was going to take awhile. I was skeptical about the product until I got a whiff of the cinnamon odor! It was an amazing scent and my children told me, “Mom, stop sniffing the packet before you steal all of the smell!”. They love saying this to me, lol. I can’t help over enjoying a pleasant scent.

Be sure to read the instruction sheet thoroughly, the sheet will include kit instructions, fun suggestions, and an interesting story!

The Glee Gum, kit includes:
*Chicle gum base
*Confectioners sugar
*Corn Syrup
*2 Flavor packets
*Black plastic pan, for microwave or stovetop use

You will need:

-A clean, flat surface (We used a large, white cutting board)
-A rolling pin or bottle (We used a rolling pin)
-A microwave-safe glass bowl or cooking pot

The instructions clearly state that you should not melt the gum in your own pan. Why? The gum is quite sticky when it melts and I’m glad that I read this before we poured the gum into a small pan. I love how they provided a plastic pan in this kit.

Although, you can use a microwave, we used the stovetop method. Partly because, I wanted my children more involved and cooking time took approximately 15-20 minutes.

Mixing the flavoring in the gum, and syrup mixture was my favorite part! We separated the gum into two parts as the instructions required. Here came the cinnamon, again! I tried to tell my kids that this would be all mine but, they wouldn’t go for it. I was forced to share.

I have to admit, this was a fun, and delicious activity to prepare with my kids. Did you know that you can add flavorings other than the packets included and food colorings to your gum? You can even separate this gum into more sections for experimentation. It was suggested that we try Kool-aid packets but, we didn’t try that at the time.

We made a mess, that was just fine with me. I enjoyed the quality time with my children, and hope to do this again soon. We'd like to try one of the other kits available.

Would you like a chance to win your own all natural, chewing gum kit?


PRIZE: ONE winner will receive the following:
*(1)Glee Gum, Make your own chewing gum kit



Visit Glee Gum and let me know what chewing gum flavor interests you the most, AND what other kit would you be interested in trying?

Giveaway is open to US residents 18+

BONUS ENTRIES: Please leave a separate comment for each entry you complete. Each of the following are worth 1 Entry unless specified otherwise. This is a 1x entry giveaway for each entry. However, you may tweet daily.

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Giveaway will end on April 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm CST

Winner will be chosen and contacted by email. You must reply within 48 hours with your shipping address or another winner will be chosen. Once shipping information has been received, I will then contact the sponsor with your information so that they can mail out your prize. Sorry, per sponsor, P.O. Boxes will not be accepted.

PRIVACY POLICY: I will not sell, rent, or share your personal information with anyone other than the sponsor of this giveaway. Entrants will not receive any emails from 'Little Bit Of This And That' with the exception of contacting and staying in touch with the winner until prize has been fulfilled.

The giveaway has been offered by Glee Gum. I was compensated with a Make your own chewing gum kit. All opinions are mine and unbiased. I hold no responsibility other than communication with the sponsor in getting your prize.


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Layla, thanks for the comment. However, you didn't do the mandatory entry. Nor did you leave your contact information. Sorry, you cannot be intered to win unless you perform the mandatory entry. Please, be sure to leave your email address!

robyn paris on April 26, 2012 at 5:50 AM said...

I like the make your own gummy kit and as for gum flavor the mint would be my choice.

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Valerie Taylor Mabrey on April 28, 2012 at 8:32 PM said...

I would like cinnamon gum and the make your own gummies kit

Valerie Taylor Mabrey on April 28, 2012 at 8:34 PM said...

Whole Foods is my closest retailer

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GFC follow
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Atreau on April 30, 2012 at 11:07 PM said...

I would like to try the peppermint flavor and would like to try the make your own gummies kit.


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