Sunday, July 1, 2012

Have "Coupon Fever"? Kroger Daytona Sale Is Back!

I must admit, I’ve been more negligent with using coupons lately. It’s not that I’m bored with them; circumstances have prevented me from doing regular coupon trips. I still don’t quite have the hang of extreme couponing. Oh but, how I desperately want to! The chances of being able to complete an extreme savings trip in my area are slim.

That said, I’ve caught a case of “Coupon Fever” and it’s become apparent that withdraws were taking over. Imagine my excitement when I read about the 2012 Daytona sale arriving in my store. While my budget for this sale was smaller than the previous Daytona sale, I still wanted to take advantage of a few things for the pantry. While I’m being truthful, I am pleased with any savings that coupons give no matter how big or small. The thrill of saving money brings my family joy. It stretches my budget a little further on things that I’m not able to save on, like that pesky electric bill that seemed to grow larger overnight.

Armed with my coupons, printer, pen, and paper, I was able to come up with 2 sets of 10 Daytona items. It really is astonishing with what you can buy with coupons. Pinching pennies can be tough these days, especially when I am trying to aim for healthier items.

As you can see, my shopping experience was less healthy than I’ve been buying. However, in moderation these items are ok. Plus, it’s always great to have extra items in the pantry. Was I worried about the transaction working out the way I had it planned out? Of course I was! I studied the WeUseCoupons forum for coupon match-ups and tips.

The bolded prices are what I paid for each transaction. Please keep in mind that sales and stores vary. My location is slightly higher than some regions and only double up to .60 on 5 like paper coupons, or 2 like internet printed coupons. I didn’t do too badly and even my husband was pleased with the results.

*OYNO=On your next order
*Cats=Catalina, Coupon printed at register

***1st transaction Daytona sale***
(5) Boxes lean pockets
$7.45 ($1.49 ea)
Used 2 .95/2 Printable coupons from
= $5.55

(1) Diet Coke 2 liter

(1) Dr. Pepper 2 liter
Used $1/1 Coupon insert

(2) Hefty Storage bags
$2.98 ($1.49 ea)
Used 2 .55/1 Printable Coupon from Red Plum, doubled

(2) Boxes Trix cereal
$3.98 ($1.99 ea)
Used 2 .60/1 Printable coupon from, doubled

(1) Box Fiber one cereal
Used .75/1 Insert coupon

(1) Box Lucky charms cereal bars
Used $.50/1 Insert coupon, doubled

(4) Boxes Ocean spray fruit snacks
$6.76 ($1.69 ea)
Used 4 $1/1 Peelies (Had for a couple months now)

(1) Helmans Light mayo
Used .50/1 Kroger Coupon someone left behind (Thank you, coupon fairy!)

(1) Kraft BBQ sauce

(1) Ragu sauce

Total: $56.79
After Daytona sales and applying the $2 OYNO catalina coupon from yesterday, I paid:

OOP: $16.66
Received 2 more $2 OYNO Cats!

Saved 72%!!

***2nd Transaction***

(2) 2lb bags of peaches $1.99 ea
1 Head lettuce $1.29

Used 2 $2 off cats and 1 $1 off kroger produce coupon which made my fruit and lettuce .29 cents!

(1) 50lb bonus bag of Old Yeller dog food $14.99
Used $2.50/1 Kroger Q

(1) Gallon milk
Managers special (Clearance) $1.99


Saved 43%



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