Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saving money with Coupon Chief has never been easier!

Shopping around for the best deals can be time consuming and like you, I don't have the time to spend hours looking. The recession has wounded many budgets and we all must take steps in saving what resources we can to make it until the next paycheck, which is why I'd like to introduce a remarkable website, Couponchief.com that will help YOU on your journey to saving money. I should also mention that there is a potential in earning money with the Pays 2 Share program through them as well. Any savings is a good savings!

CouponChief.com provides an outstanding and extensive list of discount codes through various online stores. One feature that I love about CouponChief.com is that the stores are in alphabetical order which takes the guess work out of searching for the right discount code. No more using the search engine to locate discount codes! This will save me a great deal of time and frustration.

Living in the country does have its perks. However, one of the cons would have to be the lack of department stores in our area. We normally would have to travel over an hour to visit major department stores other than Lowes, Walmart, or small business chains.

Although, I do have a love for shopping on Amazon.com, I'd love more variety when it comes to shopping for that special gift or even Clothing, . I'm continuously checking out the various websites for discount codes before checking out online and now, I can bookmark just one single website for my discount needs.

Even if I chose to shop at the stores I mentioned above (Lowes & Wal-Mart), I can still save money by shopping online with them and Walmart generally has free "site to store" shipping. It may be a good idea to utilize the online savings codes located on CouponChief.com and pick the items up when I need to visit town for my other needs (groceries). This will not only save money online, it will save on gasoline and reduce the chances of impulse buying. (Do I really need that candy bar?)

Imagine that you're searching for a discount before purchasing a new wireless Ipad through Apple. How about a new Desktop through Dell, or pet supplies from PETCO? All you need to do is click on "all stores" and browse through the list provided to find the various discount codes offered. There are literally thousands of discounts listed!

Not only are you helping your pocketbook, you may also be helping others just like you! How? Let me explain. When signing up for an account (By the way, you don't have to sign up just to find discount codes. However, I highly recommend it!), you can choose to also be a part of the Pays 2 share program which gives you the potential in earning 2% of every purchase made through a coupon you have uploaded.

Joining the Pays 2 share program is easy peasy! View the simple steps below:

Step 1: Sign-up to be a part of Coupon Chief's Pays-2-Share Program

Step 2: Upload coupons

Step 3: Track your progress on your "my account" page. Every time someone uses a coupon you've uploaded, Coupon Chief will give you 2% of the sales

Step 4: Now, just sit back and relax... and decide how you want to get paid via check or Paypal.

They even provide nifty widgets to help you share the coupon codes you have uploaded to CouponChief.com. Where is MY widget? Well, I don't have one yet as I haven't uploaded any coupons into my account to create a widget so no personal earnings are being made at this time. Of course, this does sound like something I want to do.

I still have quite a bit to learn about CouponChief.com. Here's some more information for you and if you are still confused or unsure of the program, they even have a video to assist you further or you can contact them directly if you still have any questions that are not answered in the F&Q section.

Most online retailers now include a field to enter a promotional or coupon code during the checkout process. Some typical discounts might look like "10% Off your order" or "Free Shipping on orders over $25"

Head over to CouponChief.com and search for the domain where you're making a purchase (ie. http://www.target.com or even just target.com)

Write down or copy the code to your clipboard. Then click the "use it" link to go directly to the store where you want to make a purchase

Shop around the store and find what you want to buy.

During checkout, look for the special box that says coupon or promotional code. Sometimes this might be after submitting your credit card but always before final order submission.

Submit the coupon code you copied down earlier and...

VoilĂ ! You should see your savings applied.

As I previously mentioned, you can watch a video tutorial if this would be easier for you. I know that sometimes, a visual is easiest for myself.

Wait! Don't close this page yet, I still have more to share about CouponChief.com.

CouponChief.com has a Blog which focuses on specific shopping savings. You can bookmark or subscribe to the blog so that you can find out about the newest great deals around the web.

How about other ways to follow CouponChief.com? You can become a fan of Coupon Chief on Facebook, follow on Twitter, subscribe to the newsletter, or if you prefer to use the RSS feed, they have that option too! Best of all, an account with Coupon Chief is FREE to use!

Heard enough? Are you ready to start saving today? You're in luck; CouponChief.com has thousands upon thousands of coupon codes listed and more added daily. Don't forget to bookmark Coupon Chief and return often for valuable discount opportunities while shopping at your favorite online stores. Hide the keys and save your fuel, most of the products and gifts you need can be found in the comfort of your computer chair!

I’m signing up and I am ready to tackle the economy blues when making my next purchase, have you? Dust off your empty change jar and start filling it with the money you save by using discount codes for a rainy day!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this blog post from CouponChief.com. All opinions are mine and unbiased. I hold no responsibility between you and the company, and/or products you may purchase or receive through them.


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