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Ecover - A natural collection of cleansing products

Selecting a natural cleaning product can be tedious, especially when there are thousands of products on the market claiming to be the most “effective”. How long do you spend standing in front of the cleansers and laundry products? I suspect more time than you'd like. Its ok, I've done this numerous times as well. I think that I've found a great product only to be disappointed by its performance. This tends to feel as if it’s a mission of sorts.

I recently found a package waiting for me in the mailbox. I carried the semi-heavy package into the house to find the contents happened to be a box of laundry powder. As I lifted the box of laundry powder out of the package, I noticed the wording “NATURAL Laundry Powder” on the front. To my surprise, this company has been around since 1980 and I've never heard about it before.

In all honesty, I was expecting this package from However, I wasn't exactly sure what would arrive for usage in my home. The email from Naturally Savvy, had been the first time I heard the name Ecover.

First of all, I'm all about fragrance. I know, I know… Fragrance doesn't generally equal “natural”. In my defense, there are natural products infused with natural fragrances. I must also admit that I don't solely purchase natural products. The product I received was “Ecover Zero” which contains 0% fragrance. Slightly put off, I went back and fourth on whether or not this would be my personal choice of product.

I decided to give it a try. You never know how well a product will work by just looking at the package. My husband had a load of his work uniforms sitting on the back porch awaiting the washing machine. Now, my husband works outside in hot temperatures for several hours a day. His uniforms are dark, navy blue. Can you imagine the smell when it comes time to wash a load of his uniforms? Not a pleasant chore.

I opened the box and poured a cup of the laundry powder into my top loading machine (Works in HE machines!) while it was filling with water. I've learned my lesson with powder in the past. Residue was a big issue when I used laundry powder as I use to pour it on top of the clothing. The powder has a slight coarse feel and absolutely no scent.

Ecover Zero Laundry powder Ingredients:

Sodium C12-18 Alkyl Sulfate
Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Disodium disilicate
Sodium citrate
Sodium polyaspartate
Fatty Acids Methyl Esters Ethoxylates
Sodium sulfate
Sodium oleate
Cellulose gum
Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate

When the uniforms were finished, I went out to place them in the dryer. I was really nervous about whether or not this product would work. Pulling the clothes out of the dryer, I was stunned to notice that the unpleasant scent was gone. The clothes seemed to be clean and fresh, ready for the hangers. I set the rest of the box aside to use on his uniforms until empty.

I'd like to share some more information about Ecover. This product line consists of various products:

Dishwashing Liquid
Toilet Bowl Cleanser
All purpose Cleaner
Liquid & Powder Laundry Detergent
And more!

Ecovers‘ water philosophy

Without water and air there can be no life on our planet. People, animals and nature, we all depend on it and, even more importantly, our health depends on breathing in clean air and being able to drink clean water. Because Ecover makes products that rely on water in order for them to do their job, we inherently care about protecting this precious natural source. In our history of more than 30 years and lasting until today, water has played one of the most important roles for us. We don’t like dirty water! So we're constantly working on ways to help improve the quality of water. Not just in the way we develop our products, but also in our sponsorship activities. If there’s something happening in your community that helps build awareness to protecting water, you can be sure that here at Ecover we’re always interested to hear about it!

*Ecover bottles are now 100% PlantPlastic
*Plant-based and mineral ingredients
*No artificial ingredients or perfumes
*No animal testing
*Septic tank safe
*Phosphate Free

Please visit Ecover to learn more about the company and products.

I received a box of Ecover Zero, Natural laundry powder to sample in exchange for talking with my readers about the product. All opinions are my own and unbiased.


Ecover on August 13, 2012 at 2:17 PM said...

What a great story! Thanks so much for putting aside your concerns and giving Ecover a try. We're so happy to hear that your husband's uniforms came out clean and fresh! Ecover's ZERO line is fragrance-free but there are other laundry products (liquids and powders) with a light scent. We hope you'll give those a try too. Thanks again for taking a chance on Ecover!
-Deb for Ecover

Michele on August 15, 2012 at 10:08 PM said...

Hi Deb,

Thank you for your nice comments on my review! I will definitely consider the scented laundry products in the future.

Loretta on August 16, 2012 at 11:58 PM said...

I chose the ecover laundry product to try after reading your blog. I was a bit worried at first especially on my color clothes but they came out fresh looking just as bright as ever.


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