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RE-BODY Hunger Chews, Control your appetitie

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It’s not unusual for someone to feel like conceding to a battle that has been fought without results. Weight struggles does seem to have been one of my prevailing battles since I could remember. I have endured weight gain and loss throughout the years. While I am not fond of whom I’ve become physically, I do envision the person I can be in the future. My children are my inspiration. Being healthier is an obstacle that I will overcome in time.

“A healthier lifestyle and moderation in the key in weight control.” This is what a dietician had told me not too long ago. Overcoming the distressing presence of less than healthy options, is a daily struggle. Especially since these products are easily in reach. Just take a look in the grocery store, hospital lobby, street corner, etc. Tell me what you see. You cannot checkout without some sort of junk food display, drive down the road without looking at a fast food sign, sit in the lobby of a hospital without the vending machine luring you in.

Have you noticed the amount of fast food restaurants quickly multiplying? They are everywhere! Restraint is tough when there is a challenge everywhere you turn. Yes, I lack willpower at times. More than I should. I take responsibility for my actions. My weight didn't come on in one night, it's not going to come off that quickly either.

Dieting is not the answer. It must be a lifestyle change for this to work or we’ll be right back to square one. Have you ever told someone that you couldn’t have something because, you were on a “diet”? I have, plenty of times. I was told by a professional that it’s okay to enjoy that slice of pizza or cake. The soda you so crave when coming out of the store? It’s ok to have one every now and then. I just have to remember that these items are empty calories and must be consumed in moderation.

I don’t make New Year resolutions anymore about losing weight. You know, the one that you proclaim that THIS year will be the one! You’ll diet and exercise until you drop those extra pounds. How long does it last? Really, how long? A week? Two weeks? 3 Months? If you do make this resolution, it’s probably best to keep it to yourself.

My resolution for weight reduction is that I am going to TRY to adapt to healthier habits. Share these habits within my household and attempt to get us all on track. I’m not going to say that failing is not an option. Truth is, I’ve set myself up to fail numerous times. All I can do is try. If I fail, then I can pick back up and try again.

One of my struggles is that I enjoy snacking. I’m not going to lie, I enjoy food except rarely eating breakfast. I know, I know…the Doctor already got after me about not eating breakfast. I do skip a lot of meals which lead me to snacking or eating a much larger portion than I’m suppose to.

Naturally Savvy recently contacted me about the Re•body® Saffron Hunger Chews™. I was offered a sample to try in exchange for sharing about this product with my readers. While I cannot say whether or not this product does work, I can say that I will continue using it until the product is gone. Would you like to know some of the features this product offers? I'd love to share them with you.

Describing the taste of these chews is a little difficult for me. The saffron hunger chews are mandarin orange flavored. Some say they taste like candy, others say the chews are less than desirable. I fall between the ladder of the two. They are not horrible, just something I have to get use to. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to edible products. This is no different. What might taste wonderful to one person may not appeal to the next. You should try this poduct for yourself before forming an opinion based on my own preferences.

I’m actually quite pleased with the texture of these chews. They are very soft and easily consumed. Not sticky like caramel as I first thought when looking at them.

Packaging/Visual appearance:
The resealable package of Re-body chews comes in 30 individually wrapped pieces. Each piece is wrapped in a piece of foil and easy to unfold. Upon opening the chew, the color is an appealing orange coloration.

The following information has been quoted from the company and product packaging.

Re•body® Saffron Hunger Chews™ are non-stimulant appetite control supplements to help to curb your appetite and reduce the intake of excess calories. The secret to the product is the ingredient Satiereal®, a proprietary extract of Saffron, which is scientifically shown to curb hunger and snack cravings. Studies have shown that after eight weeks of use, participants had a reduced desire to snack, fewer instances of between meal snacking and had an increased feeling of fullness. *†

Key Benefits:
Helps reduce the desire to snack*†

More control over hunger between meals* *†Does not contain artificial sweeteners or flavors

Delicious fruit-flavored treat*†

Non-stimulant, snacking control formula with naturally derived ingredients*†

Re•body Hunger Caps complement a weight loss or weight reduction program. *†

Prior to beginning any exercise or diet program, you should consult your healthcare professional.
*For best results, use in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program


Evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, natural flavors, rice syrup solids, palm oil, soy lecithin, citric acid, maltic acid, glycerin, color from fruits and vegetables. This product contains soy.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 chew twice daily before meals.

All personal thoughts and opinions expressed by myself are my own and true. I do not hold any responsibility between you and the company. Nor am I responsible for your consumption of the product. I have expressed no claims of this product working, I am also not a health professional. A sample was provided to me in exchange for sharing the information with my readers.



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