Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Purex Crystals For Baby

Were you blessed with a new baby? Maybe you have a toddler or a loved one that has sensitive skin. I personally enjoy the scent of baby products. They possess a unique scent that reminds me of when my own children were babies. This is why I chose to sign up for a Purex crystals for baby project. It is gentle on skin and clothes.

The Purex crystals for baby are 87% natural. You pour the crystals into the lid they provide, and then sprinkle around your laundry. The product goes in with your detergent at the beginning of the wash. This product works as a fabric softener, and smells wonderful! Pairing the Purex Crystals for baby with Purex baby detergent enhances the unique scent. However, you can use the crystals with any detergent.

*Baby inspired fragrance


*Dye Free

*87% Natural Formula

Purex claims that the product freshness will last for weeks, not just days. Well, we haven’t exactly had a chance to test this theory as my family goes through laundry as quick as they change their undergarments. I did notice that our towels felt much softer than without using the product. I’ve always loved using Purex Crystals instead of fabric softener.

You can find the crystals in various grocery and department stores in two different sizes. This product can last for several loads if you are careful with measurements. I personally end up using more than specified and tend to run out sooner. It’s only because, I love this product so much! Truth be told, I do the same with laundry detergent.

I was a little concerned when I first began using Purex crystals. The next time you are in the store, take a look at the various Purex crystals products. Each crystal is a deep color. Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, etc. I was worried that the crystals would stain my clothes. Even after using the product for awhile, I still worried. I have never experienced any staining from the crystals! They also dissolve quite well.

Disclaimer: Purex provided me with a sample in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own and unbiased. I was/am already a loyal consumer of Purex.



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