Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fresh Laundry with Purex with Crystals Plus Fabric Softener

As you may have read, I am pretty loyal to Purex brand laundry detergent. I mentioned “pretty loyal” since I do enjoy trying other brands out. However, over 75% of my laundry detergent comes from Purex. With the economy, I take both quality and costs into consideration with purchases. You can’t go wrong with Purex. The detergent is affordable, works great, and smells fantastic. Watch your weekly newspaper coupon inserts. Purex releases new money saving coupons often.

I love the variety! You can find something for everyone in your household. Sensitive skin or allergies? No problem, they offer various detergents for sensitivities. Do you enjoy the crystals? I absolutely love the Purex crystals. The crystals are a form of fabric softener, and help keeps your clothes smelling fresh. Proceed with caution as you may end up using more than the instructions call for! This is a problem I have when it comes to adding crystals. I enjoy the scent and softener so much that I end up adding more to each load.

Now that I’ve discovered Purex with Crystals, I can make my Crystals last longer. The Purex with Crystals is available in powder and liquid form. Each cap is filled with amazing scented crystals which helps keep your clothing fresh longer. Did I mention that this product has included fabric softener as well? Sounds like a money saving, good quality product to me.

The fragrance appears to be a floral/crystal combination. Actually this is a no brainer when you see the label. The artwork contains a lovely white and yellow flower. I have really enjoyed the scent of the Purex with Crystals detergent. The best feature is how well the clothes came fresh and clean.

New enhancing fragrance, same great value. Purex plus fabric softener with Crystals fragrance leaves your clothes smelling fresh for half the price of the leading brand. In fact, an average family could save over $45 a year by using Purex with Crystals fragrance detergent. That’s real money! What would you do with your $45?

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this laundry detergent from Purex. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



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