Saturday, August 30, 2014

I survived my first week of college!

Dear friends,

It's been awhile since I've posted a general "chit chat".  How about a short intro before I begin? I do have some new readers that may not know much about me. Thank you for reading my blog! I may update more often about my college journey as time goes on.

My name is Michele. I relocated to Mississippi from California in 2006. I'm a married mother of two wonderful teenagers. My children are the light of my life. It's quite different living in the country VS. living in a largely populated city. The adjustment was easier than we all had imagined. I'm glad that we chose to raise our children here.

I decided to enroll in college. I've always desired to obtain a college degree, but circumstances and excuses got in the way. Not anymore! I'm officially a 36 year old, college freshmen! My major is in Social Work as I have a deep passion in helping others. This journey will not be easy, but I will give it my all. A brighter future is within reach!

This was the first week of my new journey. I'm proud to say that I survived! All of my assignments were submitted on time. Several of them were submitted early. I was surprised with how many assignments there would be the first week. I'll be honest, it was extremely overwhelming in the first few days. I know it's about to become tougher.

I need to learn how to balance my time between my children, husband, daily duties, school, church, and other various activities we are involved in. My time was managed a little better towards the end of the week. I'll have to invest in a planner and set limits.

My classes this semester are:
Introduction to Sociology
Biology 1
Biology Lab
American History
English Composition 1 (Perfect for blogging!)

I decided not to begin a math course this semester as I need to take remedial math courses. I would be ashamed, but let's face's been 20 years since I've taken math classes! I don't understand Algebra and must start over. I'm not going to feel ashamed to admit that I'll need the extra help. I plan to take my first (0f 4) math courses next semester. Would prefer to complete my math on campus rather than online.

I'm a bit nervous about attending college. Definitely need to brush up on my education. I think my Biology courses will be the toughest this semester. I could use all the luck I can get! I'm hoping for at least a "C", but striving for much higher.

My advice to older individuals who wish to return to school, but worried about your age? Follow your dreams to success! You are never too "old" to learn something new. Definitely discover your support system. You will need all of the support and encouragement as you can to get through it.
I was surprised to see as many older adults as I have this week. It was interesting to read all of the introduction discussions. Inspiring really. I love that I'm not alone on this journey!



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