Thursday, September 4, 2014

Box Tops For Education - BTFE

Did you know that most schools collect these miniature coupons? They are found on hundreds of products. Here is a list of participating products. Enjoy money saving coupons? You can find printable coupons available on BTFE as well.

Each box top is worth .10 cents each. They really add up! I probably have well over a hundred in a bag already. The educational institution can receive a check when they redeem these box tops. The money is used to purchase school supplies, equipment, books, musical instruments, anything the school is in need of.

I've heard several people say that "Well, I don't save them. We don't have school aged children." I'm sure that a local school would greatly appreciate your box top donations! It's definitely a great program, and helps in so many ways.

You can visit Box Tops For Education for additional information about this program. Please support your local schools!

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