Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cultural Food Differences

I'm normally culturally diverse when it comes to trying new foods. There are some items that other cultures enjoy that I just cannot bring myself to try. Some cultures dine on domestic animals (cat, dog, horse, etc.), insects (grasshoppers, ants, worms, scorpions, etc.), and various other foods. There is a scientific claim that many of the insects are highly healthy for you. On the subject of scientific claims of insects... Did you know that scientists also claim that we eat insects while sleeping? Well, this is something I've heard, anyway.

How about this well known fact. Did you know that the FDA (U.S. Food and drug administration) allows certain levels of insect parts, larvae, rodent hairs, etc. in our food? The company doesn't even have to add a label with this information. (Hungry yet?). Don't worry, unsafe "levels" are not permitted....or so they say.

I found an interesting article for you. There are thousands of articles on the same thing. Just type in "Insect parts and FDA" within your Google search.

Huffington Post Article

On a side note. Have you realized that countries whom consumes insects have lower weight issues than in the United States? Many of them are also much healthier and live longer. Could we take a cue from other cultures? Certainly, but how willing are you to start consuming these delicacies?

Chocolate covered ants don't sound too bad! Or how about that worm in the bottom of your tequila bottle? Many specialty shops, and candy shops offer an array of products with insects. Maybe I will give something a try...Baby steps...



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