Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chit Chat about Sociology assignment

My son had a school function last night. We were an hour early so I decided to connect to the school's WiFi. We had a required twenty-five minute video to watch for Sociology. I have to admit, this video was quite enlightening. We are mainly discussing various crimes and punishments this week.

Did you know that the Wall Street crash of 1929 was largely due to fraud? I didn't know this. Well, at least I don't remember hearing about it. It does make a lot of sense. Similar financial crisis' have been happening through the years. Many also being related to fraud. “White collar crimes” are extremely common. Many go “unnoticed” because, they have the resources and finances to buy their way out of the punishment.

One person in the video mentions that another financial crisis similar to the “Depression” is inevitable. I believe this to be true. I’ve said many times that I believe something similar is going to happen in our future. Preppers are normally the only ones who tend to agree with me though. Many people have the notion that another depression cannot happen due to the technology in the world today. Truth is, anything can happen. Nothing is impossible and our nation is already in a declining state.

It is unfair that the elite can get away with serious crimes. Those who are poor, working class, and middle class doesn’t stand half of the chance in receiving a fair punishment. Many “street crimes”, including minor offenses receive a harsher punishment than some of the more serious white collar crimes.

Take manslaughter for example. It’s been noted that a wealthy man who fled the scene of a fatal accident in which he caused by excessive speeding, was given an extremely light sentence. He was given 2 years house arrest in a luxurious condo, and paid a private settlement to the men’s widows. He did not apologize or show remorse for his actions. However, take a working class man who has an accident where fatalities are involved. He was drinking, but didn’t flee the accident. He was extremely remorseful. However, his actions were punishable offenses because, he was drinking while driving. The man receives an 8 year prison sentence, house arrest, probation, fines, and various other punishments. I’m sure that you could see how the accidents are similar, but the punishments were extremely different. The wealthy man was able to “buy” his way out of his own serious punishment.

Another example may be a homeless man who stole food because, he was hungry VS. a wealthy executive who skims money from the company to line his pockets. Or an example of a man who has a marijuana addiction that ends up receiving a life sentence for subsequent possessions. Is that a fair punishment? I don’t agree with it, but some might. All illegal crimes should be punished, but a fair sentence should be given to everyone. Not just those with lined pockets or higher social classes.

 It shouldn’t matter how much money, type of culture, or power the person has. They should receive the same treatment as everyone else. I could go on and on about this discussion, but I’d be here all night! It is definitely an interesting and heated subject. Truth is that yes, some white collar crimes are properly punished, but statistics show that a majority of the white collar crimes go unpunished, or receive lighter sentences than their lower class counterparts.



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