Saturday, November 8, 2014

Are you prepared for the winter?

          As the temperatures continue to drop around the nation, are you prepared for the winter weather that is coming upon us? I've been discussing this topic with my husband. I'm concerned more about the potential weather this year than previously. Possibly because, this region is due for a severe winter. We haven't endured a winter crisis here as of yet. Not since relocating, but we've heard stories. We have dealt with minimal ice and snow, but nothing that hindered us for a long period of time.
         We live down at the end of a two-mile country road. Lovely tree's surround the road all the way down. Our landlord is the closest neighbor within safe walking distance. He does have large equipment that could help us get out of our driveway if needed. He plowed for us when it snowed. Now, I do LOVE snow! I'm okay if it snows here, but I don't want an ice storm to hit. That is an entirely different story. We definitely need to order some more propane soon. We use it for heating. I have electric heaters, but if the power goes out...
         I've already picked up one 25 pound bag of ice melting salts, but would like to pick up a couple more. Some additional items that I'd like to stock up on, are:

Bottled Water
Additional blankets
Non-perishable foods that can be consumed with or w/o heating.
Baby wipes to freshen up in case of power outages (electric water heater)
And various other items.
         It wouldn't hurt to have these items on hand all through the year. We experience severe weather with tornadoes as well. It's much different than when we lived in California. I've been asked how I could handle living in a region where tornadoes are common. My reply was "You cannot see an earthquake coming, you can at least see, hear, or know that a tornado is coming." Still doesn't make it any less scary, but I'd rather know what is about to happen!
DON'T FORGET to check on your neighbors, disabled, and elderly!

You can visit for information on winter preparedness.



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