Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Hall Of Fame" Music Video

     Do you enjoy listening to music? I am passionate about listening to music. Musical lyrics can sooth, boost, or even change your mood. I'll even listen to some songs multiple times in a row.
The music that I listen to depends on my mood at the time. Some songs can be extremely powerful and meaningful. I dedicate songs to my teens once in awhile. If I find something that I feel
strongly about for them, I'll share it.

     This is the latest song that I "dedicated" to my children. I love my children immensely and
want to see them succeed in life. I don't want anyone or anything getting in the way of them
reaching their dreams. If I can help it, I won't let that happen. I'll encourage, protect, and be supportive of my children until my last breath.

     I hope this works because, I've never tried to share a youtube video on here before.
If it doesn't work, I linked the video in the song title. Listen to the lyrics. This might
encourage you or someone you love as well!

"Hall Of Fame" - The Script



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