Saturday, January 17, 2015

Las Vegas: Sin City, a World of Entertainment in One Place

The glamorous lights and magical shows draw people in like confections given to children. Getting caught up in the moment of a tempting array of excitement. There is no shortage of provocative entertainment and ghastly or sensational attire. Diversely rich in cultural experiences. Ah yes, something unique awaits for each individual person. The powerful resistance to temptation slowly losing its grip on visitors.

The sounds of people hurling their riches into the machines and the smell of stale cigarette smoke filling your lungs. Loud clinking sounds and bells ringing your ears while screams of winners come from every corner of the room. Some yelps of disappointment among the screams of joy.

Ghostly images of lost souls walking the halls of the most nostalgic buildings. Memoirs of past entertainers carefully framed upon the walls. Warped and positive memories of what has, is, or might have been. Decor slowly fading with its historical age.

Prestigious dance halls and glamorous clubs. The most pronounced reserved for the elite. Dining halls with the most tasteful cuisine or cocktail shrimp to satisfy your hunger. Hundreds of restaurants or fast food to choose from.

Drunkards roaming the streets. Some looking for a good time, others seeking trouble. An alcoholic prohibition would surely cause this industry to swell with debt. Happy hour is available twenty-four hours a day. A refreshment rarely empty. Waitresses scour the floor in search of tipsters to bring home a cash flow nearly enough for survival. Beggars reach out for your spare change as visitors parade past with dazzling costumes.

Vans and trucks floating down the strip with advertisements clearly geared towards the sexual desires of man. Women fill the vans with their nearly nude bodies and call out to fellow drivers. Enticing them with their flawless curves and sexy voices. Adult entertainment knows little boundary in sin city.

Lovely decor resembling the most beautiful scenes in France and Italy. Once inside, you feel as if you've entered a new culture without the riches for an airline ticket. Romantic Gondola rides with a loved one through an indoor canal. Peek up towards the ceiling to witness a breathtakingly replica of the daylight sky. The angelic sounds coming from the man on the gondola. While sounds of guests ring out in the air. Visitors gawking at the beautiful surroundings and snapping memorable photographs of the artistic designs around them.

Slumber in rooms on a low budget or high roller tab. Hundreds of hotels, towers, and luxurious resorts fill the streets of Vegas. Social classes mingling throughout the luxurious town. Sin city is not just for the most prestigious visitors. Though, you may cross paths with some of the most powerful and wealthy citizens of the nation.

Whether you are there to merely take in a show, play a few slots, or watch the millions of lights on the streets, there is something for everyone. Entertainment for children is also available. Museums, aquariums, games, and small theme park rides are available for the younger generations and more gentle crowds. Plenty of stores, wedding chapels, shops, and nature on nearly every corner.

Las Vegas is an interesting place to visit, but make sure that you watch your surroundings. Enjoy yourself and don’t go into debt while taking in the sites and the gaming tables!

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