Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Michele's Little World Update

Dear Readers,

I hope you are all doing well! Can you believe that it is now 2016?! Did you make any resolutions? I did not. We are just working on positive and gradual lifestyle changes. I know that my blog posts have been sporadic for some time now. I apologize for this. I knew that college would take up a great deal of my personal time, but it has been an amazing experience. 

For those that may not know about my journey, I decided to return to college as an older adult in the fall of 2014. My major is Social Work, and I am currently working toward an Associate degree. I'd like to continue my education at a University after graduation, but I am taking it one step at a time. 

I do have fabulous news to share with all of you! My oldest has received one of the highest awards in the Boy Scouts. He has earned the Eagle Scout rank. He will graduate high school this summer and head off to college. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments. He will be almost 19 when he begins his college journey. Our plan is for him to live at home while earning his degree. 

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Our daughter is in high school as well. It won't be long before both of our children are in college. We are proud of both of them! 

Please feel free to share how things are going for you! Has anything wonderful or life changing happened in your life? Did you enter the 1.5 Billion dollar powerball?! Time has been a balancing act for my family, but I'm definitely working on it. My blog will be updated more often. Let me know what type of blog posts you'd like to see! I know that several of my readers enjoy giveaways. However, I am unsure of when the next giveaway will be. I do hope that I'll have something to offer for you soon! 

Take care and Happy New Year!



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