Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Enjoy a 'Staycation' with Redbox!

Are you experiencing the winter blues? Are the kids beginning their Christmas/holiday vacation in the near future? Are you unable to travel this season? Why not enjoy a staycation with Redbox?!

Rent movies online or at a local kiosk and enjoy a move night with your family. Pop some popcorn, order a pizza, and bundle up under the blankets. Enjoy a laugh, cry, or engage in the suspense of a thriller! 

Text the phrase, "DEALS" to 727272 for one free movie rental! You can also locate additional deals on their website. 

*Michele's Little World is not affiliated with 'Redbox'. No compensation will be provided for sharing this promotion. I am not responsible for any product, contact, services, or issues the reader may have with the company. This free gift was found online and merely shared with the readers of this blog post.



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