Wednesday, December 7, 2016

FREE Six Months Student Amazon Prime Membership!

Are you a college student with a valid .edu email address? Amazon is offering a FREE six month trial to Student Amazon Prime! After the six months has ended, you can renew the membership for 50% off the regular subscription fee! This is a fantastic deal for students. 

I have found a few of my textbooks at a fraction of the bookstore prices. Why pay hundreds of dollars for textbooks if you could purchase them for much less? The cost of tuition, fees, and supplies are already a drain on the pocketbook. You can cancel the membership at any time. Why not give it a try for the FREE six month trial? The membership is not limited to student related services. Check it out!

*The link is a referral link. I will receive a small Amazon credit for anyone that signs up under my referral link to use toward textbooks. Current customers that are students may be eligible for the services. The customer will not have to sign up for a new Amazon account. I am not responsible for any services and/or products. I have merely shared this link to help fellow college students save money.



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