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The Extinction Chronicles

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As the prospect of catastrophic effects from climate change becomes increasingly likely, a search is on for innovative ways to reduce the risks. One potentially powerful and low-cost strategy is to recognize and protect natural carbon sinks – places and processes that store carbon, keeping it out of Earth’s atmosphere.

(In-Hand) Hasbro Transformers Studio Series Deluxe WWII Bumblebee NEW and Headmaster Horri-Bull Kreb 1988 G1 Transformers Action Figure can capture and store large quantities of carbon. These ecosystems are included in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies that 28 countries have pledged to adopt to fulfill the Paris Climate Agreement. So far, however, no such policy has been created to protect carbon storage in the…

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Hunting, fewer pups, disease reduce Wyoming wolf population


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Biologists estimate the overall Wyoming wolf population at 286 this year, which is down 61 animals from a year ago.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that’s the fewest wolves counted in the state since the Wyoming Game and Fish Department took over management and initiated wolf hunting seven years ago.

State biologists estimate there were 46 wolf packs in the state at the end of 2018.

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Game and Fish wolf biologist Ken Mills says a combination of hunting, natural mortality and reduced pup production drove down the number of wolves in the state.

Although having fewer wolves concerns wildlife watchers and activists, the outcome is what Wyoming wildlife managers have been seeking.

With fewer wolves, documented conflicts between wolves and domestic animals fell off last calendar year.

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Earth Day 2019: High temperatures, rising waters, wild weather — who is to blame?

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We are.

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Climate change is real and it’s already impacting humans. Mike Berardino, IndyStar

Climate change is real and increasingly a part of our daily lives. New research and studies out in just the past six months highlight the latest facts about the human-caused shift to our global weather systems and its effects on our planet.

First among them, there’s no longer any question that rising temperatures and increasingly chaotic weather are the work of humanity. There’s a Transformers the Movie 2007 Deluxe Class Scorponok MOSC AFAHasbro Transformers Cyberverse Evac 2011 SEALED, a February study reported. That means we’ve reached the “gold standard” for certainty, a statistical measure typically used in particle physics.

The mechanism is well understood, and has been for decades. Humans burn fossil fuels such as oil, coal…

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For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one

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“I had this internal struggle: ‘Do I really want to bring a child into this world?’” a Seattle 29-year-old said.
Illustration of woman holding her pregnant belly shaped like an earth.

Chloe Cushman / for NBC News

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By James Rainey

SEATTLE — Erika Lundahl writes and performs her own songs. She works in Seattle for a company that publishes books on the environment. She thinks a lot about how best to occupy her place in the world. Yet, despite this full life, Lundahl, at 27, feels a clock ticking.

Her biological clock, yes, but also the one to fix global warming, or face the likelihood that she and her potential children will have to live in a seriously marginalized world.

“There is this sense that if you don’t have kids soon, you could be putting them in a harder position,” Lundahl said. “But if you do have them, that will not be easy either, with the storms, the intense droughts, the…

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Bengal tigers could vanish from one of their final strongholds

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A Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans, which crosses India and Bangladesh.
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(CNN)Feared and revered, it’s one of the world’s most iconic creatures: the majestic Bengal tiger.

Already threatened by poaching, and humans spreading into its shrinking habitats, researchers say that in just 50 years it could completely disappear from one of its last remaining strongholds — a huge mangrove forest called the Sundarbans, which crosses India and Bangladesh.
BANDAI Charanporan Tamagoras Tiran Tiran Transformers eggs 1987 Vintage F S Over the past century, we’ve lost 95% of all the world’s tigers, leaving less than 4,000 in the wild. Bengal tigers are found in a handful of Asian countries, but just a few hundred still roam free in the Sundarbans.
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Greater Than 757: The Cross-Country Honeymoon That Kept On Rolling
Extended honeymoon, anyone? See how two newlyweds hit the road in a class-C RV…

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