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The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent energy institute specialising in advanced research into the economics and politics of international energy

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    Trilateral talks between the EU, Russia and Ukraine on gas transit through Ukraine after 1 January 2020 – that is, after the expiry of the current transit contract – are due to resume in late May. Gazprom’s transit diversification projects, Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream, will not be operating at full capacity by that […]

    By: Simon Pirani

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  • Oxford Energy Podcast – Narratives for Natural Gas in Decarbonising European Energy Markets

    In this Podcast Jonathan Stern discusses the third MEGAHOUSE GINTAMA ELIZABETH GEM ST STATUABIG JIM MATTEL PESCATORE RARO VINTAGE ANNI ‘80 KOTOBUKIYA BISHOUJO MARVEL COMICS Wasp FIGURE STATUE 1 7 SCALEpaper in his narrative of on the Future of Gas, entitled “Narratives for Natural Gas in Decarbonising European Energy Markets?”. In conversation with David Ledesma, Professor Stern returns to the theme of decarbonisation in Europe and asserts that the time has now come for the gas industry […]

    By: OIES

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    Diversification in Gulf hydrocarbon economies and interactions with energy subsidy reform: lessons from Kuwait

    After the recent oil price declines in mid-2014, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) oil exporters including Kuwait reduced energy subsidies and passed economic diversification-enhancing policies in an attempt to improve fiscal balance and economic sustainability. This paper argues that these economies already have a diversified base but this base has not contributed to export Action Figure 1 6 GiJoe Vietnam Nurse - Hasbro Action Man Joe Geyper Man

    By: Manal Shehabi

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    China’s Five Year Plan envisages increased gas use at the expense of coal with the aim of improving the physical environment in the country.  But increased gas use depends both on government policy and on pricing.  Gas price reform has been a slow-moving work in progress.  Even the recent – very modest – cut in […]

    By: Stephen O'Sullivan

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    Iranian Sanctions 2.0: Oil Market Risks and Price Stakes

    Before the recent announcement on Iran sanction waivers, the base case for most analysts was that the US would renew the waivers allowing a few buyers to continue importing limited quantities of Iranian oil. The logic behind this thinking was very simple: the Trump administration would not risk an oil price spike that could endanger […]

    By: Bassam Fattouh Andreas Economou

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    The number of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) worldwide continues to grow though there are major differences between countries both in terms of levels of penetration and underlying drivers.  NGVs have some environmental advantages over petroleum-based fuels – particularly if biomethane is available – and, in many markets, are cheaper. However, the prospects for NGVs in […]Naruto Minato Kamikaze (Yondaime) Official Web Exclusive S.H.Figuarts Figure

    By: Chris N Le Fevre

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    Russia’s heavy fuel oil exports: challenges and changing rules at home and abroad

    The Russian refining system still has a significant legacy from its Soviet past, when refineries were located in relatively remote regions to serve the military and industrial complex and output of fuel oil was encouraged to supply heavy industry. However, this focus on the lower end of the barrel left a significant need for upgrading […]

    By: Vitaly Yermakov James Henderson Bassam Fattouh

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    Brainstorming XXX

    In May 2019 we will be holding our annual Brainstorming event.

    Amongst other topics the issues dicussed at the meeting will cover:

    • Storm Clouds Brewing for the Global Economy?
    • Geo-Politics of Energy: Chaos theory tests oil’s resilience
    • Oil Market Dynamics: Back to Square one?
    • Crude oil pricing systems in flux
    • Dynamics of Gas Markets
    • Climate Change, Technology and the Electricity Sector

    We aim to bring together thirty participants from energy companies, financial institutions, governments and international organisations for a wide-ranging discussion on topical energy issues.


    OIES Electricity Day

    In June 2019 we will be holding our third annual Electricity Day.

    This year's theme is 'An Integrated Energy Systems Approach to Decarbonization Policy: Is it the Way Forward?' covered over three sessions:PHICEN 1 6 Super-Flexible Seamless Female American Beauty Doll Set KT007 S07C

    G.I. Joe 2003 Ninja Showdown SPY TROOPS Snake Eyes vs Storm ShadowStatuette Fée Aouregan (H38 x L26cm)

    I. What benefits, if any, can ‘integrated’ or ‘whole energy system’ thinking bring to our approach to particular energy issues, such as the decarbonization of difficult sectors such as heat?

    II. What roles do different modes of storage and different technologies play in realising an integrated, whole system approach to decarbonization?

    III. What are the key policy and commercial challenges of an integrated energy systems approach?

    For more information about our electricity programme please click here.

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    • A review of a new OIES paper on oil market conditions and Saudi Arabia’ balancing act: The extent of dislocations i…

      May 24th

    • Jonathan Stern on the latest Groningen earthquake: I think it is likely to accelerate even further the phase-out of…

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      May 23rd

    • Vinyl Toys Kidrobot Dunny 2010 The Burglars Burglarcillo Santa Barbaja Blinded B

      About 43% of the industrial gas demand in Europe could, in theory, decline in the 2020s as a result of decarbonizat…

      May 23rd

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